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Kaiju Big Battel
Powa Ranjuru

Powa Stands Tall

Heroes Sweep at All Out War 2

2009 has been a rough year for the Kaiju Heroes, as financial instability and the Commissioner's death had left the sole protectors of Kaiju Big Battel seemingly on their last legs. And with rumors of corruption throughout the Kaiju Regulatory Commission and the reign of Dr. Cube as Commissioner seeming all but inevitable, the future may not be so sunny for the Heroes, either. But for one night in Philadelphia, the Kaiju Heroes stood strong and fought with every fiber of their being, and the result was one of the most extraordinary Battels of all time!

We'll have a full show commentary later this week, and hopefully an episode of Kaiju TV and maybe even a bootleg DVD will follow as well, but in the mean-time, here's the quick results from a crazy night at The Trocadero!

  • Dusto Bunny unexpectedly teamed up with Jeremiah the Pink Teddy Bear and won the Double Danger Tandem Titles from the Furious Furries.
  • The team of Dino Kang Jr. and Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder defeated the Iron Bros in the RoBox Double Danger Robo Lottery.
  • The Hero Intern '08 re-debuted as Metal Wing Black, the newest Kaiju Hero, and defeated Giii the Space Pirate.
  • Dr. Cube attacked American Beetle, who had declared his candidacy for the Commissioner position, but was fought off by Powa Ranjuru.
  • Neo Teppen retained the Kaiju Championship and won the Golden Treasure by defeating D.W. Cycloptopuss III.

You're probably asking yourself how the opener turned into a Tandem Title match, and how the Robo Lottery turned into a 3-on-2 handicap fighto, and what was inside the Golden Treasure. And we're sure if we mentioned that Craw, Sun Buster, Sekmet and Unibouzu also showed up, you may have even more questions. But don't worry! Just come back later this week and check out the commentary!

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