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Title - Tinsel Town Showdown Commentary

Tinsel Town Showdown, Kaiju Big Battel's first ever foray into Los Angeles, featured everything you would expect from a Hollywood blockbuster - action, explosions, chaos, surprise twists, and a budget bigger than the GDP of most small countries. As the dust and debris settled, all that was left was a kidnapped Heroic icon, a defeated bunch of Rogues, and a brand new Kaiju Champion.

View Tinsel Town Showdown PhotosThe curtain on Tinsel Town Showdown had barely lifted when the feral creature Vegetius made an unexpected appearance, apparently lured by the stench of pizza borne by a delivery guy who had somehow wandered into the Danger Cage. Upon tasting what passes for pizza in Los Angeles, Vegetius went wild, tearing the Danger Cage apart, and crushing countless buildings before Dusto Bunny was able to subdue the creature with his cunning and underappreciated power.

View Tinsel Town Showdown PhotosAfter order was restored, Louden Noxious called out the competitors for the evening's first official Battel. Neo Teppen had previously pledged to make Call-Me-Kevin pay for his Roguish ways, and he wasted no time unleashing his 27 secret powers on the ocean's most pathetic denizen. A returning D.W. Cycloptopuss III attempted to aid his aquatic brethren, but RoBox booted up his math processor and evened the odds, chasing the clam-scented fiend back into the Pacific. Neo Teppen then resumed his assault, and made good on his pledge, by pinning Call-Me-Kevin in just under eight minutes.

View Tinsel Town Showdown PhotosThe next Hero to take to the Danger Cage was the soon-to-be-legendary/infamous Super Wrong. As the crowd cheered, groupies screamed, and flash bulbs fired like hyperactive strobes, Super Wrong danced and pranced his way into the Danger Cage. The crowd, wowed by the most elaborate entrance in Kaiju Big Battel history, was clearly behind Super Wrong as Referee Jingi called "Fighto!". No amount of fan support would have helped Super Wrong however, as Gomi-man destroyed him with one thunderous uppercut.

View Tinsel Town Showdown PhotosSuper Wrong's debacle of a debut was disheartening for the Heroes, but they looked to brighten everyone's mood right away with a musical tribute to fallen Hero Silver Potato. Cube's Posse however had other ideas, as The Grudyin and SMX-001 aka Craw, crashed the party. Although Los Plantanos were able to eventually defeat Cube's two newest creations, the tribute was ruined - J-Pop superstar Chikako II was exposed as a lip-syncher, and even worse, wheelchair bound ex-champion Silver Potato was kidnapped by Dr. Cube.

View Tinsel Town Showdown PhotosWith Potato in Cube's clutches, it was hard to see how things could get worse, but they did. After Unibouzu quickly captured the Championship Belt from a drunken Hell Monkey, Dr. Cube himself stepped in to challenge the devil of the deep. Uni, a victim of his own inflated ego, accepted the challenge, and found himself in the fight of his mutant life. Despite Uni's apparent size and power advantage, Cube used his cunning (decoy Dr. Cube's to confuse the sea beast), his intellect (a chest protector to neutralize Uni's spikes), and an arsenal of devastating moves to win the Championship Belt, and put the Posse back on top of the Big Battel!