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Kaiju Big Battel
Drawing of Cube and a little girl

The Happiest Cube has Ever Been

Kids Love Cube

The popularity of Dr. Cube among the youth is well established. Teenagers, college students, and post-collegiate lounge-abouts have always shown their misguided support for the menacing madman, by wearing his T-shirts, distributing his propaganda, and cheering on his putrid Posse at live Big Battels. Now it appears that Cube's popularity is trickling down to a younger demographic - four year olds. Recently a number of education professionals have reported that pre-kindergartners have been expressing their love of Cube through the creative mediums. The accompanying illustration is just one of a mountain of magic marker masterpieces, glue-stick collages, and finger painted frescas portraying Dr. Cube in a glowing light.

In response to Cube's new found popularity among the under-5 set, the Kaiju Commissioner has announced that effective immediately, the Kaiju Heroes will be working hard to push a pro-Hero message to children. Toy store defense efforts will be doubled, closet monster eradication will be prioritized, and the ever popular "Take a Heavily Armed Trooper Robo to Preschool Day" program will be expanded in the coming months.

Kaiju on G4 TV

You can now watch Kaiju Big Battel everyday on G4 TV. Each week a new fighto will be aired as part of the Action Blast hour. The Action Blast is sixty jam-packed minutes of cartoons, shorts, and Kaiju Big Battel mayhem. Kaiju commentators Louden Noxious and Beav provide insightful commentary to each action packed Battel. Each week features a new live Kaiju Big Battel. Here are the Big Battels on deck for January:

Teppen Debut Battel
Neo Teppen VS Call-Me-Kevin

Number One Contender Contest
Unibouzu VS Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle

Cereal Match Mayhem
American Beetle VS Call-Me-Kevin

Mayday May Day SOS Main Event
Unibouzu VS Hell Monkey and Dr. Cube

Question of the Week

Who is Kekkyoton?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Shocking Japanese Contest

Is there a live Big Battel from the past that you are yearning to re-live? Are you jones-ing for a little Plantain action, or maybe some Super Wrong exploits? If so, the Kaiju Commissioner wants to know so he can program next month's slate of Kaiju Big Battels on G4 TV. Email your Battel request to contest@kaiju.com and you'll be entered to win the Japanese release of Shocking Truth. The Japanese release, which is region 2 and subtitled in Japanese, features a bunch of exclusive bonus material and a 16 page color booklet. This DVD is only available in Japan. Contest ends Friday, January 20th.

New Cube Hoodies in Da House

Stay warm and support Dr. Cube's Posse with the new Cube and Crossbones Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt. Choose from two styles, Cube logo on the back or Cube logo on the front. Sizes range from X-Small to XXL. There's only a limited supply of these hoodies available for sale online. So order today and you won't be left out in the cold.

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