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Kaiju Big Battel
Happy New Year from Kaiju Big Battel

That chowder smells like Cycloptopuss

New Year's Cheers

Happy New Year from the Kaiju Commissioner, American Beetle, Atomic Trooper Robo, Call-Me-Kevin, Dai Hachi Hachi, Dino Kang Jr., Dusto Bunny, Dr. Cube, D.W. Cycloptopuss III, the Kaiju Regulatory Commission, Force Trooper Robo, Golden Rod, Gomi-man, Hell Monkey, the Hero Intern, Imit Plantain Twins, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Los Plantanos, Marutambo, the Minions, Mota Naru, Mung Wun, Napalean, Neo Teppen, Powa Ranjuru, RoBox, Silver Potato, Sky Deviler, the Kaiju Web Wrangler, Slo Feng, Super Dimensional Slug AKA SDS-1, Super Minon #96, Super Minion #107, Super Minion #108, The Swarm, Uchu Chu, Unibouzu, Vegetius, Beav Wallace, Craw, Ginger Giant, The Grudyin, Kaiju Commissioner, Kekkyodon, Louden Noxious, Referee Jingi, Rucky the Leprechaun, Salbino, Super Wrong, Sentai Jin and the Kaiju Sweatshop Workers.

Japanese Shocking Truth

The Shocking Truth DVD goes on sale this week in Japan, thanks to powerhouse publisher Gakken. The Japanese version of the DVD is subtitled and includes a half-dozen exclusive bonus extra items. The DVD also has super sweet Japanese-style packaging including a cooler 16 page booklet. Kaiju fans worldwide have been pre-ordering the Japanese Shocking Truth DVD in droves, because (as any indie rock know-it-all will tell you) the import version is always cooler.

If all this Japan stuff gets you feeling the KBB J vibe, be sure to check out ToK's Kaiju Big Battel Union website.

New Shirts in Mall

The Kaiju Commish aims to please, so when the fans demanded new t-shirt designs. he dropped not one, but two brand new designs - Sea Amigos and Los Plantanos Solidarity. Both of these future classic designs are by Kaiju's roving illustrator, Mr. Vincent Arnone. The Sea Amigos design features sea beasts, Unibouzu, Call-Me-Kevin, and D.W. Cycloptopuss III on a black shirt. Los Plantanos' new design features gun toting, horseback riding Plantains on a crisp white shirt. A tri-lingual message spices up this shirt with a touch of world-class flavor. Both designs are also available in an American Apparel 3/4 sleeve girle shirt.

Kaiju Mall Madness Extended

Tis' still the season for giving cool gift. The Kaiju Commissioner has announced that this year's holiday season will not end until Jan 16, 2006. So, check out the following top 10 Kaiju gifts for this year's extended holiday season. Isn't the Commissioner awesome?!

Top Ten Kaiju Gifts

  1. Los Plantanos Solidarity Prints
  2. Los Plantanos Solidarity Girlie Shirts
  3. Sea Amigos Shirts
  4. Japanese Kaiju Fan Book
  5. New Nano magnets
  6. Dr. Cube mask
  7. Triple pack of monster meat
  8. Dr. Cube Propaganda Pack
  9. DVD/T-shirt combo deal
  10. New Magnet Packs

Commentator to be Drunk in Japan on New Year's Eve

Kaiju's newest Big Battel commentator, Beav Wallace, has embarked on a New Year's promotional tour in Japan to promote the "goodness" of Kaiju Big Battel. According to Beav, "When people think of Kaiju Big Battel they usually just think of large-sized monsters fighting. And that's not fair. Especially to the Heroes, they are worthy of some much-deserved positive recognition." Beav's goodwill tour will end on New Year's Day in Tokyo. Beav will then be returning to America to begin filming his new Kaiju Big Battel cable television program with Louden Noxious.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Super Wrong Stripped of Win

When Kaiju Hero Super Wrong earned his first Big Battel win at the Xbox Zero Hour Launch Event Big Battel many thought it was too incredible to believe. And it was. The KRC Cheating Commission has ruled that assistance from Powa Ranjuru and Super Wrong's ingestion of Powa's magical red pixie dust, AKA "Fairy Flash," are grounds for disqualification. The reversal of Referee Jingi's decision is a Kaiju Big Battel first. When questioned for comment about the KRC's actions, Super Wrong responded with a complicated dance move, that the press has since dubbed "The Electrc Talk To the Hand No Comment Twist." In place of Super Wrong, D.W. Cycloptopuss III has been named the winner of the 3-way Battel. Cycloptopuss was awarded the win over the other combatant, Dai Hachi Hachi, because of his lead in the first tie-breaker, which is, of course, number of arms.

Los Plantanos Prepare Intern

After his successful debut at the Xbox Zero Hour Big Battel in California last month, the Hero Intern moved south for the winter months to train under Pablo and Pedro Plantain. While many of Los Plantanos' training techniques remain top secret, some details have emerged. In addition to extensive guerilla tactic tutorials, the Hero Intern has reportedly mastered the finer arts of burning an effigy in the shape of the evil sock puppet dictator, a truely indispensable skill.

Los Plantanos have assured the Commissioner that the Hero Intern will be ready to take on any monster that Dr. Cube, Uchu Chu, or anyone else might throw at him by the spring Battel season.

Question of the Week

Anything good on G4 TV next month?

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