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Kaiju Big Battel
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The Newest Space Bug?

Dai Hachi Hachi - The Newest Space Bug?

If a Kaiju monster has bug eyes and insect-like wings, and makes a pesky buzzing noise, it must be a member of Team Space Bug, right? Or could it be something more sinister - a trojan bee-horse (or borse) created by Dr. Cube to infiltrate Team Space Bug? These are the question that everyone is asking about the newest Kaiju on the block, Dai Hachi Hachi.

Wherever Dai Hachi Hachi's true allegiances lie, it's clear he's not afraid of a good fight. Since the Kaiju Regulatory Commission first began tracking him, Hachi has taken on Call-Me-Kevin, Cube's Posse, and the Orkin Man. It sounds like this will be one tough bug for the Kaiju Heroes to exterminate.

For the full story on Hachi, read the new bio Hello Dai Hachi Hachi

New Kaiju Homepage Launched

Last week, Dr. Cube destroyed the kaiju.com homepage when the Kaiju Commissioner refused to meet his ransom demands. So in response, the Commissioner lived up to his name and commissioned a brand new kaiju.com homepage. At the page's unveiling the proud Commish had this to say, "Where Dr. Cube gave us lemons, I have made lemonade. But this new webpage isn't just boring old Country Time. No, the new kaiju.com is the tastiest lemonade ever, full of vitamins, electrolytes, and a little bit of old fashioned pizzazz." Besides the made-up ingredients, the new homepage will spotlight a featured story each week, as well as all the Kaiju news you need, in a brand new, more readable layout.

What do you think about the new kaiju.com homepage? Email rob@kaiju.com and let us know just how awesome it is. You can also tell us how un-awesome it is, but we probably won't believe you.

Los Plantanos Protect/ Protest Inauguration

At this past week's Presidential Inauguration, Kaiju Heroes Los Plantanos were on hand to protect the gathered dignitaries from any attacks. And while Pablo and Pedro maintained constant vigilance throughout the event, they did take the opportunity to send a message to Mr. President. While making a security sweep of the buffet line at the American Freedom and Justice September 11th Ball, the playful twins rearranged a plate of vienna sausages to spell out "NO US AID FOR SOCK PUPPET DICTATOR". The Sock Pupper Dictator, the Plantain Twins' facist arch-enemy, has long been supported by the CIA and Pablo and Pedro hoped that cocktail wiener-words would convince the Commander in Chief to rethink the policy. Unfortunately, he never saw the message, as Stephen Baldwin got to the buffet first, and there wasn't a letter left by the time the President arrived.

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