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Kaiju Big Battel
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In Stores April 12th, Pre-Order Now!

Kaiju Big Battel:
Shocking Truth!

In a world full of chaos, all that people really want is the truth, no matter how terrifying, outlandish, or, dare we say, shocking it is. With this in mind, the good folks at Kaiju Headquarters, under the careful direction of the Kaiju Commissioner himself, have produced a brand new DVD that reveals the shocking truth behind Kaiju Big Battel. When Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth (view trailer) is released on April 12th, Kaiju's previous videos will pale in comparison. In fact, once you get a hold of the Shocking Truth, you might as well make your Terebi Sento DVD into a coaster, or possibly one of those dangly, rearview mirror decorations.

But just what is so shocking about the Shocking Truth? Well, how about a sneak peak into Dino Kang Jr.'s cave; a full episode of The Neo Teppen Show; the rags-to-riches-to-mashed-side-dish story of Silver Potato's rise and fall; and a full blown Big Battel in the Scottish Hills? Not shocking enough? Well try this on for size - by the end of the DVD, one of the most beloved Kaiju will be dead! For real!

Although the video won't be on store shelves until April, Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth has just been made available for pre-order in the Kaiju Mall. When you pre-order Kaiju Big Battel: Shocking Truth from the Kaiju Mall, you guarantee that a copy will be sent to you the minute the DVDs arrive at Kaiju HQ. Plus, when you pre-order from kaiju.com, you will receive a free, limited-edition large-format bumper sticker designed by Vinny Arnone. This promotion is exclusive to kaiju.com, so pre-order your copy today!

D.W. Rocks; Super Wrong Rolls

Trustfundafarian Kaiju Rogue D.W. Cycloptopus III has been making waves recently. Airwaves, that is. It seems Cycloptopus, unencumbered by things such as jobs and responsibility, has ended his musical hiatus and rejoined the ranks of the rockers. Fronting a new angular rock band, D.W. and the Cycloptopussies, the undersea songster is hitting the indie rock club circuit to build his band's underground cred. So far, things have been going less than swimmingly.

At their first show, everyone's favorite useless Hero, Super Wrong decided to make an unbilled appearance. As the crowd grooved along to the Cyclotopussies' danceable rock sound, Super Wrong arrogantly shimmied through the gathered crowd of hipsters, shoving and thrusting at innocent bystanders. When Cycloptopuss called the zero Hero out, a la Ian McKay, Superwrong responded with a dance so dated that the cutting edge audience went into shock, and the show was evacuated.

Although he swears up and down that he is above exacting revenge on the Super dork, there was something in Cycloptpuss' eye that hinted at retribution. Stay tuned to kaiju.com for updates on this brewing conflict.

Question of the Week

Did you really think we would get rid of the question of the week?

RoBox Hearts MicroMaster Deluxe

True love is hard to find. It's even harder to find when you're a giant robot cobbled together from discarded electronics and an oversized cardboard box. So even the most lovelorn should find solace in the fact that Kaiju Hero RoBox has found himself a special Valentine. Earlier this week, RoBox was rummaging around the Kaiju HQ kitchenette, looking for a new attachment to replace a power-fist he had accidentally roofed earlier in the day. Just when he had settled on a particularly sharp-looking spatula, the cardboard crusader noticed a seductively shiny microwave across the counter. Staring deep into the MicroMaster Deluxe's tempered glass window, RoBox found that his emotion circuit's love subroutines were being activated for the first time. Eager to impress the apple of his optical sensor array, RoBox rushed to the Kaiju Mall, returning with some special gifts - a Plantain Pencil Pouch, a Kaiju Thong, and a Limited Edition Kaiju Valentine's Day Card. Flattered, the microwave accepted the gifts, and the two have been inseparable ever since.

If you want to impress your Valentine like RoBox did, then make sure to place your order in the Kaiju Mall by Friday February 4th. All orders received by the end of business on Friday will be shipped to arrive on or before Valentine's Day.

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