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Kaiju Big Battel
Super Wrong VS The Bear

The Greatest Matchup Ever?

Super Wrong VS The Bear

When hapless Hero Super Wrong challenged Dr. Cube to a Kaiju Championship Belt Battel, an amused Cube granted his wish with one catch - first he would have to defeat his choice of a wooden chair, an oversized teddy bear, or a kitchen sink. Many observers assumed that Super Wrong would select the chair (after all he could just sit on it for the three count), but instead he went with the giant teddy bear. While the teddy bear was completely inanimate, devoid of mystical powers, and altogether no more dangerous than the average carnival prize, the ensuing Battel may go down in Kaiju history as the defining moment of Super Wrong's first year in Kaiju Big Battel.

Watch all the action now in the brand new Kaiju video Super Wrong VS The Bear Part 1, featuring Super Wrong's elaborate entrance display of agility, rhythm, and Big Battel presence. Next week - Part 2: The Conclusion!

Kaiju Goes Bizarro

Evil mad scientists with geometric helmets, disco-dancing Heroes fighting pink teddy bears, Swarms of alien insects - the world of Kaiju Big Battel sure seems strange sometimes, but trust us - it's all real. Unfortunately some people seem to have a hard time grasping this concept, instead choosing to believe that the Kaiju threat is some fantastical story made up by a bunch of "writers". Such was the case when the editors of Bizarro World, asked the Kaiju Commissioner to contribute a story to their anthology of alternative takes on classic DC Comics characters. The Commissioner tried to explain that Kaiju Big Battel is 100% real, but those comic book types can be awfully persistent, peppering Kaiju Headquarters with phone calls, emails, and singing telegrams.

Eventually the Commissioner decided that the only way to end the pestering would be to give DC what they wanted, so he had some of his sharpest minds cook up "Lantern Sentai", an original take on the DC Universe's Green Lantern. Lantern Sentai, tells the story of the Green Lantern Corps, re-imagined as a Power Rangers-style super team, complete with manga-inspired art by Ben Dunn (Ninja High School). Check out Lantern Sentai, and dozens of other original takes on the DC Universe by today's top alternative artists and writers in Bizarro World, in stores now!

Question of the Week

Who's up for linguini?

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Bizarro Contest

To celebrate the release of Bizarro World, kaiju.com is holding a Bizarro trivia contest. In a normal trivia contest a winner would be decided based on how accurate their answer is, but in a Bizarro contest it's just the opposite - whoever delivers the least correct, most outlandish answer to the Bizarro trivia question below will be declared the winner. So without further ado, here is the Bizarro trivia question:

Who is the current Kaiju Champion, and who did he beat for the Championship Belt?

Email your Bizarro answers to rob@kaiju.com by Tuesday March 1st. The winner, to be announced next Wednesday, will receive a free copy of Bizarro World from Studio Kaiju.

February Fan King

Last week, we announced that Kristian Y. was selected as 2004's Fan King of Kings for his Team Space Bug illustration. This week, we announce the first monthly Fan King of 2005. Monstermaniac is one of the most prolific contributors to the Kaiju Otaku House. Although he was shutout from the Fan King scene last year, Monstermaniac is starting 2004 strong with his new American Beetle illustration, making him the February Fan King. Check out Monstermaniac's winning art, plus more illustrations, photos, and DIY toys in the Otaku House, and then send your own submissions to rob@kaiju.com for your chance to be next month's King.

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