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Kaiju Big Battel
Super Wrong Challenges Dr. Cube

Is Cube Super Ready for Super Wrong?

Super Wrong Challenges Dr. Cube

Oft-maligned Kaiju Hero Super Wrong may be lacking in combat skills, common sense, and Big Battel wins, but there's one thing he has plenty of - gumption. Despite a lifetime record of 0-lots, the helmeted Hero issued a challenge to Dr. Cube this week, demanding a special Big Battel against the reigning Kaiju Champion. In a message spelled out entirely in glue-on sequins, Super Wrong made his intentions clear,

"Heed my words Dr. Cube! The world has been plagued by your evil deeds and drab wardrobe for far too long. The time has come to face the purple visage of your coming doom! I challenge you to a Big Battel for the Kaiju Championship Belt. You name the time and place and I will be there. But try not to make it too early. I'm really not a morning person."

Not surprisingly, Dr. Cube ridiculed Super Wrong's challenge,

That disco-dunce couldn't beat a rented mule, much less the reigning Kaiju Champion! I mean seriously, Super Wrong is so incompetent, he makes my Minions look like Mensa members! I don't think he could beat an inanimate object if its inanimate arms were tied behind its inanimate back! In fact, I bet Super Wrong can't beat his choice of a chair, a teddy bear, or a kitchen sink. If he does I will grant him his Big Battel!"

Excited by this opportunity, Super Wrong has requested a special Big Battel this weekend against one of the 3 inanimate objects. The kaiju.com film crew will be on hand to capture this momentous event, and next week we will have a full video of what is sure to be one of the most evenly-matched Big Battels in Kaiju history.

2004 Fan King

Late last year, the Kaiju Commissioner launched a poll to determine which of the 2004 monthly Otaku Fan King's was in fact the greatest of them all. Today, amidst much fanfare, the Commissioner was happy to announce that the 2004 Otaku Fan King of Kings is Kristian Y. for his "Team Space Bug is Back!" illustration. Check out Kristian's illustration, as well as the best of the rest in the Otaku House. Then, cook up your own batch of Kaiju Otaku and email it to rob@kaiju.com. Entries received by Friday will be eligible for the first Fan King of 2005, to be awarded next week!

Question of the Week

What's so Bizarro about Kaiju Big Battel?

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Last week we reported that American Beetle had been captured by Dr. Cube, and was being held ransom. After further investigation it has been revealed that the photograph of Beetle in captivity was a fake. While the forgery is near perfect, a team of experts was able to determine that the laser gun and Cube banner were actually photoshopped into a snapshot of Beetle taking a nap out behind Kaiju Headquarters, next to a giant can of soda. We apologize for the error.

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