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Kaiju Big Battel
Dr. Cube's New Blog - Thus Spoke Cube

Blog Req. #57 - Pretentius-Sounding Name

Dr. Cube Launches Blog

Always looking to stay on the cutting edge, Dr. Cube this week launched his official blog, Thus Spoke Cube. According to sources within Cube's Posse, the doctor's recent recruiting drives weren't getting the results he was used to, so Cube decided to extend his reach to the internet. Kaiju interweb analysts are applauding the move, pointing out that Minions armed with tracts and large burlap sacks may no longer be the most effective recruitment method, especially since easily-impressionable minds are now more likely to be found surfing the internet than wandering the streets.

Not everyone thinks the blog will be a success however. One of the web's premier bloggers, Nathaniel R. Dolemite, says blogging isn't something you can just pick up from a Blogging for Dummies book. According to Dolemite, "Bloggers are the journalists of the new millennium. You have to respect us. It's not just about concocting outrageous rumors and baseless allegations. You have to back those rumors and allegations up. Maybe with a photoshopped imaged of naked celebrity or possibly a link to an amusing flash cartoon. Maybe both." Whether Dr. Cube will be able to meet these demanding standards remains to be seen.

Visit Thus Spoke Cube today and then email Dr. Cube and tell him how he's doing with his blog. Not that he cares what you think.

Cube's in Print Too!

Not only is Dr. Cube taking the internet by storm, he's also launching a brand new poster this week. Designed by Vinny Arnone, the Limited Edition Cube Recruitment Poster has a simple message, Dr. Cube wants you to join his Posse! These highly detailed three-color prints, measuring 11" x 24", were created for the debut issue of Hi-fructose magazine. Each print is hand-screened, numbered, and the entire run is limited to just 50 prints, making this the perfect piece of affordable art for the devout follower of Dr. Cube's Posse.

In fact, the new Limited Edition Cube Recruitment Poster is so high-catching that even one high-profile Hero is rumored to have placed an order for the print in the Kaiju Mall!

Question of the Week

What could be getting delivered to Kaiju HQ next week?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Bizarro Contest Winner

The Bizarro Contest is over and the winner of the hardcover DC anthology Bizarro World, featuring the Studio Kaiju penned and Ben Dunn drawn "Lantern Sentai" story, is Matt H. with this Bizarro tale,

"The champion, in a bizarre twist of fate, is Referee Jingi. In a rare blood-and-guts Kaiju match Dr. Cube took on Silver Potato for the Kaiju Championship. Unfortunately, Cube, in his most dastardly of methods used poisoned butter, chives and sour cream on our beloved hero. Potato was no match for Cube's smart tactics and fell to the ground in despair.

"Alas, our supposedly impartial referee took Cube's villainy personally. In a move that harkened back to his origins as a shady member of a closet yakuza klan, Jingi ran into the audience, grabbed a fully loaded Super Soaker 2000 and took out Dr. Cube faster than you can say, "Minister of Artificial Justice and Morality" (his type). Although the move caused huge ripples in the universe that is Lake Kaiju, heroes and villains alike are coming to recognize the true hero, the true champion of Kaiju Big Battel, our intergalactic referee himself, Jingi."

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