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Kaiju Big Battel
The Bear Defeats Super Wrong

Stuffed, Pink, and Victorious

Super Wrong Un-Bear-able

Dr. Cube's challenge to Super Wrong was simple - if Kaiju's newest Hero could defeat his choice of 3 inanimate objects (a chair, a stuffed bear, or a kitchen sink) he would receive a title shot against the evil doctor himself. Sure, Super Wrong might be the Carrot Top of Kaiju Heroes, but not even he could screw up this opportunity, right? Wrong.

In what might be the most embarrassing moment in the history of Kaiju Hereos - more embarrassing than even the Slo Feng underwear incident of ought three - Super Wrong did indeed botch his golden opportunity. In a Big Battel taped live by kaiju.com, Super Wrong found that even a lifeless pink teddy bear was no match for his own incompetence. Witness this spectacle of profound failure now in the new video Super Wrong VS The Bear Part 2.

Of course if you;d rather dwell on Super Wrong's strengths - dancing, prancing, and posing - we suggest you focus on his spectacular ring entrance in Part 1.

Louden's Lament

Kaiju Commentator Louden Noxious, despite his supposed journalistic impartiality, is a stalwart supporter of the Kaiju Heroes. So Super Wrong's humiliating defeat has really gotten underneath his skin. During an appearance on WKJU, New York City's top Kaiju talk station, Louden bemoaned Super Wrong's choice of opponent.

Super Wrong is Super talented, and has Super dance moves, and is a Super stud that all the ladies love, but there is one thing he's not so Super at - and that's picking opponents. In my countless years of delivering brilliant Big Battel insights I've never seen a worse move. Why pick the bear? I mean, a chair he could have just sat on, and gotten the 1-2-3. Or the kitchen sink - it's not going anywhere. It's big and heavy and has no appendages! But nooooo, Super Wrong has to pick a teddy bear. Well, alive or not, bear's have teeth and claws and they can smell fear!"

Louden went on to bemoan Super Wrong's poor luck, and to suggest that perhaps Dr. Cube was using some sort of Incompetence-Ray to make him look bad.

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Bizarro Contest Extended

Last week we announced that there would be a contest to give away a copy of the brand new DC Comics Hardcover Bizarro World, featuring the Studio Kaiju penned and Ben Dunn drawn "Lantern Sentai" story. Fittingly, the contest asked for a Bizarro answer to the question, "Who is the current Kaiju Champion, and who did he beat for the Championship Belt?" Whoever sent in the most Bizarro answer would receive a copy of the book.

Well it turns out that this contest is so Bizarro that the original deadline for entries has been thrown out the window! By decree of the Kaiju Commissioner, entries will be accepted for one more week, with a final deadline of Tuesday March 8th. Email your Bizarro answers to rob@kaiju.com, and feel free to send in a second try if you've already entered.

Question of the Week

What exactly was Slo Feng doing back in '03?

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