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Kaiju Big Battel
The Norcott brothers do Battel

Now, Now. Play nice.

Dr. Cube Propaganda Threatens Family Life

Everyone knows Dr. Cube's army of giant city-crushing monsters can lay waste to a cityscape in seconds flat, but Cube's insidious evil ways run even deeper. His latest propaganda tactics have begun to tear apart the very fabric of the one of America's most sacred institutions, the nuclear family. The following two fan letters from two brothers who were once best friends, attest to the success of Cube's latest attempt to destabilize everything that is good and decent.

Letter 1

Dear Dr. Cube,

I just want to thank you for all that cool stuff you sent us! I loved the DVD! I put some stickers on my speed skate helmet. I help to spread your message on a regular basis by distributing Cube Tracts. I even gave one to the teller at my mom's bank and the guy at the gas station. I am sorry this thank you took so long but i had to spend weeks studying the DVD. I also wanted to let you know, I am one of your biggest followers and fans. I look forward to the day when Cube rules the world, and Kaiju heroes are down the drain. That's all for now.

Your Greatest Fan,
Forrest Norcott

Letter 2

Dear Dr. Cube (You Big Loser!)

Of course because I am a polite young man I will say thank you for the package with the new DVD. You have allowed me to add to my Kaiju button collection on my school back pack. Now....for my true feelings....... You are a no-good, dirty, rotten evil doer. You have caused family turmoil and even violence (see attached photo). My Brother and i can no longer be in the same room as he is a cube loyalist and i see right through you! you shall not rule our world!! I have faith in Silver Potato and the Kaiju Heroes! Evil will be defeated! So long sucker!

Your enemy to the end!
Gaynor Norcott

Cube's sophisticated anti-family tactics have begun to worry the Kaiju Commissioner and murmurs of a "call to Big Battel" can be heard throughout the Kaiju Regulatory Commission HQ.

Ask Kaiju Sweat Shop Worker #02351

Hi, I was just looking through the Kaiju mall and realized that lots of the t-shirts I had seen a few months ago are not on your website. Are they out of stock or can they still be ordered? Also, do you expect more shirt designs in the future or have you cut back on the number of styles of shirts? Thanks a bunch and keep up the good work! -Katie O

Dear Miss O,

The Kaiju Big Battel T-shirt line is constantly evolving. As the older designs sell out, we replace them with new ones. Sometimes we bring back popular designs... sometimes we don't. Some designs we make more than we want to count... some are very limited (the initial run for the Apes of Wraths shirt was a mere 70). Our merchandising formula is quite complicated. The bottom line is that designs come and go, and sometimes never come back. So, what you see is what you get. If you see something you fancy, you better snatch it up quick!

Kaiju Sweat Shop Worker #02351

If you have a question for Kaiju Sweat Shop Worker #02351, email it to... Actually email (along with loafing, snack breaks, and loose lips) are not allowed in the Kaiju Sweat Shop Kaiju Happy Worker Manufacturing Center. Please direct all questions to commissioner@kaiju.com.

Question of the Week

Can we get fans to write the news every week?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Commissioner Seeks Fan Book

In other Kaiju fan news, the Commissioner has recently been made aware of a so-called "Kaiju Big Battel Fan Book." Apparently self-published by an enterprising Japanese Kaiju fan, nothing about the book, save its full-color cover, is known. Curious as to whether the book accurately portrays the Kaiju Heroes as the bastions of justice and righteousness that they are, the Commissioner has issued a call for a copy of the book to be mailed to Kaiju Headquarters. If you have a copy to spare, please email commissioner@kaiju.com to arrange for delivery.

AnimeNext Screening, Special Contest

Are you as crazy a Kaiju fan as Forrest, Gaynor, Katie, and the unknown Japanese guy? If you are and you live in the New York area, make sure to come out this Friday, June 17th, to see a screening of Kaiju's new DVD, Shocking Truth at AnimeNext.

In conjunction with AnimeNext, the Kaiju Commissioner has announced a very special contest. A rare albino copy of Terebi Sento was discovered in the KRC HQ last week and the Commissioner wants you to win it. Wear a Kaiju Big Battel T-shirt and ask for the Albino registration form at the Kaiju Big Battel booth. One lucky winner will be picked at random and receive the only known copy of Terebi Sento packaged in a white case.

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