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Kaiju Big Battel
RIP Sky Deviler

Rest In Peace.

Sky Deviler Remembered

When early reviews of the new Shocking Truth DVD promised the death of a Kaiju mainstay, no one expected that the most beloved Space Bug of all time would be leaving us. So it was though, when the gluttonous space monster Sky Deviler was slain at the hands of Cube's Posse. As a vengeful Dino Kang Jr. shrieked with glee, Deviler was set upon by a mob of Minions who de-horned, de-armed, and de-lifed the big blue wonder.

While many Kaiju have been slain over the years, few have been as beloved as Sky Deviler. Gathered here are the thoughts and reflections of many of Sky Deviler's friends, enemies, and fans upon his passing:

Uchu Chu: "There is a giant, one-eyed hole in Team Space Bug, that will not be easy to replace. On the other hand the grocery bill will be a lot smaller..."

Kaiju Commissioner: "I never tolerated Sky Deviler's behavior, but it is a shame that he had to leave us as yet another victim of the despicable Dr. Cube and his Posse."


Pablo Plantain: "Él era un opositor digno, aunque clase de mudo. Y con la mala respiración."

Dino Kang Jr: "Sqweeeeak! Shriek! Shriiiiiieeeeeeeeek! Sqweeeek!"

Dr. Cube: "Oh look I'm so sad. I think I'm going to cry. Boo. Hoo. Hoo."

Superfan Jay: "Deviler embodied all that was good and pure about Kaiju, and now that he is gone, it's all a downward spiral to evil and chaos. But there is hope: with the egg he birthed before his death is the chance at a new beginning. Although he is gone, he will remain in spirit and will be permanently etched into the hearts and legs of fanboys everywhere."

Sky Deviler's Favorite Snacks

Sky Deviler was more than just an ornery Space Bug. He was the Big Battel's foremost epicurean, with an insatiable appetite for life... and pretty everything else. Perhaps by looking at some of Sky Deviler's favorite snacks we can understand a little more about the late beast.

1. Royal Jelly and Juice - Sky Deviler and Uchu Chu used to roll around in their low-rider space ship, sipping on this favorite.

2. Opponent's Appendages - Dino Kang Jr. was just one of many victims who lost an arm, leg, nose, or tail to Sky Deviler's gaping maw.

3. Trophies - Sky DevilerŐs high rate of trophy consumption kept his blood rich in minerals such as gold, silver, zinc, and cubic zirconium.

4. Shame - According to Dr. Phil, Sky Deviler responded to Big Battel failure by eating his shame in a classic display of binge behavior. Coincidentally his shame looked a lot like innocent bystanders.

5. Cheese - Munster is nice, but for Sky Deviler, cheddar was better.

Question of the Week

Just what did Cube do with Sky Deviler's orb/egg?

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Sky Deviler's Big Battel Highlights

? - Baby Sky Deviler discovered in Arizona.

1999 - Sky Deviler recruited by Uchu Chu to join Team Space Bug. Debauchery ensues.

March 2000 - Epic snow Battel against Atomic Trooper and D.W. Cycloptopuss III ends in tragedy when a ten-ton snow-ball with a solid ice core lands on the crowd.

October 2000 - Electric Funeral Battel marks the first of many altercations between Sky Deviler and future tag-team partner Mota Naru.

May 2001 - The epic rivalry between Sky Deviler and Los Plantanos begins with a Pedro Plantain victory at NU Steel Cage Catastrophe.

September 2001 - Sky Deviler and Mota Naru lose the Golden Banana Trophy for Tag Team Excellence to Los Plantanos at Mayhem in the Atrium V, but Sky Deviler gains a delicious snack in the form of Dino Kang Jr.'s left arm.

September 2002 - Sky Deviler and Mota Naru establish themselves as the dominant tag team in the Big Battel by dismantling the emergent Sea Amigos (Call-Me-Kevin and D.W. Cycloptopuss III) at Boston Roxy Ruckus.

November 2002 - Unibouzu and Sky Deviler take part in the world's first (and only) Weapons of Mass Destruction Battel at Kaiju Rampage New York.

April 2003 - Sky Deviler and Mota Naru continue their tag team domination at Ballroom Blitzed by defeating Heroes Slo Feng and American Beetle in the finals of the Kaiju Tag Team Invitational.

Late 2003 - During a massive Big Battel showdown in the Scottish Highlands (as captured on the Shocking Truth DVD), Dr. Cube's Posse overruns the Space Bugs and Sky Deviler is mortally wounded. With his last breath, Sky Deviler spits up a glowing orb, which Dr. Cube absconds with as his Posse flees the enraged Swarm. The death is kept secret for unknown reasons until the release of the Shocking Truth DVD.

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