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Going The Distance

Sunday Special: All Out War 2 Commentary!

We kept you waiting (see what happens when you miss a live Battel?), but here it is; the official Kaiju.com show commentary for All Out War 2: The Search for the Golden Treasure. As mentioned earlier this week, AOW2 was a great success for the Kaiju Heroes inside the Big Ring, but outside the ring, it couldn't have happened without the help of our friends from Wizard World Philadelphia, the Trocadero staff, and of course, all the great fans who packed the Troc for an insane night of monster mayhem!

Feature: Golden Treasure Reveals Cycloptopuss Toys

When the Kaiju Commissioner was murdered last month, he informed the world in a posthumous message about the existence of a secret Golden Treasure that could save the Kaiju Heroes from their bankruptcy. However, the map to this treasure was stolen by D.W. Cycloptopuss III, and many feared the treasure would be as good as gone in the tentacles of the Sea Amigo.

However, at All Out War 2, Neo Teppen managed to defeat Cycloptopuss and retrieve the treasure. So what was inside, you ask? Untold fortunes in gold, perhaps? Or an unimaginable, face-melting, Nazi-killing spirit explosion? Neither, actually. Instead, the chest was filled with vinyl figurines made in Cycloptopuss' likeness!

Cycloptopuss Toys On Sale Now!

While this means that Cycloptopuss ended up spending the treasure money on his figures, there is a silver lining to this whole story. Cycloptopuss only made the figurines as a testament to his own greed, and almost certainly wasn't going to share them with anyone. But because the Kaiju Heroes now have control of them, and because they gotta make the money off that treasure somehow, these limited edition, Frank Kozik-designed, Marmit-produced figurines are for sale right now in the Kaiju Mall!

Sure, its exciting whenever a new item is added to the Mall, but let us not forget that this figurine has been almost one whole year in the making. Our story begins at last year's Escape to New York Battel. D.W. Cycloptopuss III and Tucor took on each other in a Marmit Merchandising Fighto to determine who would get their own toy deal. Cycloptopuss seemingly had the match won, but the wild beast Vegetius made his way out after the match, clobbered Cycloptopuss, and took the contract for himself, which led to the creation of the Vegetius figurine, also still on sale at the Mall.

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Months passed, until D.W. Cycloptopuss III shocked the Kaiju world by unveiling the prototype of a new, Kozik-designed figurine in his likeness. There were two big questions at the time: How could Cycloptopuss negotiate his own merchandise deal without the Commissioner getting involved, and how could Cycloptopuss afford the figures to begin with? As it turns out, both of these questions ended up being answered at Kaiju in 3-D.

In short, it was all one big happy accident. Cycloptopuss ordered the batch of figurines without any actual source of funding in mind; he hoped that the Kaiju Commissioner would step in and pay for the figurines, then sell them on Kaiju.com so he could see a piece of the profits. However, the Commissioner was already dead by this point. So when Cycloptopuss stumbled upon the Golden Treasure, he ended up with a way to pay for his figures after all. In the end, however, Cycloptopuss' gamble didn't pay off. He lost out on any potential profits from his toy, as well as the Golden Treasure, and now has nothing to show for any of it. All in all, a bad year for D.W. Cycloptopuss III.

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