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Kaiju Big Battel
Kaiju Computer HQ

HQ During Happier Times

Computer Outage Rocks Kaiju HQ

After what many were hoping would be a quick and easy election for the next Kaiju Commissioner, the voting process took an unpredicted and undesirable turn for the worst last week as a strange computer virus affected all the Kaiju Regulatory Commission workstations, including the ones used to tabulate the KRC's votes. Now, with the computers seemingly working again on their own and the votes counted, the nefarious Dr. Cube has somehow wound up with 25 votes amongst the KRC, leading the field by a wide margin and needing only two more votes to clinch the Commissioner's seat.

On the morning of June 2nd, the day after the application period ended, Kaiju HQ computers were set to begin counting the delicately encrypted electronic ballots of the 53 KRC members. The ballots, changed to an electronic format after concerns of Swine Flu caused paper ballots to become a health risk, were to be counted that day and the results to be reported here on Kaiju.com that very night. But darkness struck Kaiju HQ for more than a week, rendering our computers useless and Kaiju.com unable to be updated.

Now, we are faced with an unexpected situation that no one could have forseen. Somehow, Dr. Cube, the square-faced visage of evil in Kaiju Big Battel, is seemingly within grasp of the most powerful position in the world. Did the Bad Doctor have something to do with the outage? Cube, who recently gave himself glands that allow him to spit poison-tipped acid, denies any involvement. Instead, he has admitted to simply bribing most of the members of the KRC with the exhorbitant amount of cash he won from The Grudyin's failed Championship attempt one year ago in Webster Hall.

How will this affect the upcoming battel? Will Dr. Cube get the two more votes he needs? Stay tuned as more on this develops!

All Out War 2: The Search for the Golden Treasure
When: Saturday, June 20, 7 PM
Where: The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA
Tickets: $18.50, All Ages, Available at Ticketmaster

Intern '08 to Make Hero Debut vs Giii

The former Hero Intern currently known as Sun Buster has had some epic Battels in his young career, but perhaps none were more noteworthy than his clashes with Giii the Space Pirate. Now, years later, the most recent graduate of the Kaiju Hero Internship program is set to follow in Sun Buster's footsteps, making his official Hero debut against Giii next week in Philadelphia.

The rocker formerly known as the Hero Intern '08 will unveil his new name and combat suit next Saturday at the Trocadero, and fans and fellow Heroes alike are buzzing about what's next for the Heavy Metal Hero who made a sizeable impact on the world of Kaiju in 2008.

With no Commissioner, the KRC was charged with the task of selecting an opponent for the future-former intern. However, with Dr. Cube now claiming he's bought off a large portion of the Commission, one must wonder why the Intern isn't facing one of Cube's cronies instead. But don't sleep on Giii, either; the Space Pirate claims he has something up his sleeve that could turn Intern's graduation into a retirement ceremony!

Kaiju Bootleg DVD Bonanza!

You're still checking the Kaiju Mall, right? We've got bunches and bunches of new bootlegs getting added every week, like Shpadoinkelmania VII (our previous foray into Philadelphia), Matsuri Mass Mayhem, Someone Must Die and the legendary Shpadoinkelmania XVIII. Keep checking back for more!

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RoBox Unveils Double Danger Robo Lottery

With the KRC absorbed in matters such as electing a new Commissioner and what appears to be some internal corruption, RoBox isn't taking any chances for All Out War 2 and is once assuming control of the proceedings. This time, RoBox (who was attending E3 last week and avoided the Kaiju HQ virus) has announced a new match; the RoBox Double Danger Robo Lottery!

Using complicated computer algorithms and mathematic logarithmic equations, RoBox will randomly generate two teams of two monsters each. Anyone is eligible, so who knows who will be called into action, and more importantly, who will be asked to team up with each other! By the end of the night, there may be more fighting between teammates than between the opponents!

Imagine the possible combinations; if Grudyin and Tucor were called together, no one would stand a chance, but what if they were forced to fight? What about Pedro Plantain and his Zombie brother? Powa Ranjuru and Slo Feng? The possibilities are endless, but so is the excitement! Once again, the only way to see this live is by getting yourself to Philadelphia next Saturday!

Question of the Week

There won't be another computer outage this Saturday, right?

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