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Kaiju Big Battel
Cyclops Finds Treasure

*Artist's Representation, Not Authentic

Cycloptopuss Finds Treasure, Challenges Teppen

Last month in Brooklyn, in the midst of the video confirming his own shocking death, the late Kaiju Commissioner informed the world of a secret treasure that could save the Kaiju Heroes from their recent financial issues. This secret Golden Treasure was to be found by using a mysterious treasure map, but when it seemed like Dusto Bunny had it in his paws, it was stolen by D.W. Cycloptopuss III!

Since then, Cycloptopuss has been furiously searching for the Golden Treasure, trying to decipher the map and find the X which marks the location of the buried booty. Now, more than a month later, D.W. Cycloptopuss III has declared that he has found the treasure, and is now holding it hostage in exchange for a title shot against Neo Teppen!

The list of credible contenders for the Kaiju Championship is a long one, with multiple competitors each with their own case to be made for a title shot. Uchu Chu never truly got his last title shot, Call-Me-Kevin has clamored for a rematch, Kung Fu Chicken Noodle never actually lost the title, Dr. Cube is always in the title picture, and even fellow Hero Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder has an unbeaten record worthy of a title shot. But the Kaiju Regulatory Commission, acting in the Commissioner's absence, may have no choice but to bypass that list altogether and acquiesce to Cycloptopuss' demands! Stay tuned for more as it comes along!

All Out War 2: The Search for the Golden Treasure
When: Saturday, June 20, 7 PM
Where: The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA
Tickets: $18.50, Available at Ticketmaster

Giii Almost Arrested Following Shirt Scheme

Giii the Space Pirate, whom last month announced a grand scheme to pirate bootleg copies of the cinematic masterpiece "Stone Cold", was shaken down by Massachusetts State Police this past weekend after a seemingly harmless marketing plan drew the ire of the local authorities. Giii had parked his intergalactic planetary space-van in one of the local parking lots near Boston's famed Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

Using the prime real estate, Giii handed out free "Stone Cold" t-shirts to fans entering the ballpark, hoping the free publicity would increase interest in the movie and later lead them to his eBay page, where he had thousands of copies for sale. Although interest in the shirts was marginal (his biggest customers seemed to be homeless people who requested multiple shirts in every conceivable size) and the cost of producing shirts and paying for the parking space likely outweighed any potential income he may see from DVD sales, Giii was pleased with the results of the first few days, until a local state trooper got involved.

Without clearly stating what exactly Giii had done wrong, the officer threatened repeatedly to arrest him and tow his vehicle, and told Giii to stop immediately. After supposedly calling in Giii's ID (evidently, the 30-second long ID check found no record of Giii's past transgressions in and out of the Kaiju Big Ring), the cop told Giii he was lucky, and left without ever quite explaining himself. Giii tells Kaiju.com that if you found the story to be confusing and made no sense, it was even stranger in person. Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops.

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KRC Approves Intern Graduation

With the Commissioner's death, there was uncertainty all around Kaiju Big Battel, but perhaps for no one more than the Hero Intern '08. The Heavy Metal Hero had won a Final Exam Fighto to graduate to full Hero status, but needed the Commissioner's signature to finalize the move. Fortunately for the Intern, however, the KRC has unexpectedly taken on a more decisive role in the Commissioner's absence than most of us thought.

As a result, one of the major moves by the KRC, in addition to searching for a new Commissioner, has been to approve the graduation of the Intern, and send him into action as soon as possible. As such, the Intern's new persona will make his debut next month in Philadelphia, and it's gonna be a rockin' time!

Who will the now-former Intern face? What will his new name be? Will he still wield a wicked axe and shred the night away? These questions, and more, can only be answered in the coming weeks on Kaiju.com and next month at All Out War 2!

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