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Kaiju Big Battel
Kaiju Throws an LA Party

California Knows How to Party

REWIND! Kaiju Party, LA style!

After recent Kaiju parties in Boston, NYC and Philly, West Coast Kaiju fans have demanded some attention. So the Kaiju Commissioner is sending the Kaiju party pack to celebrate the down and dirty underground party series known as "Love Yourself." The evening will be hosted by Louden Noxious along with Dr. Cube and company. The jam will also feature Big Battel video installations, giveaways, and all that crazy jazz.

Dim Mak & Kiptone present "Love Yourself"
With Special Kaiju Big Battel Guests

When: Saturday August 20th, 2005, 10 pm - 4am
Where: Party at Hanging Jury (Downtown LA, 1052 South Santa Fe)
Musical Guests: Lion Fever & Le Rev
DJs: Steve Aoki Kid Millionaire, Franki Chan - iheartcomix, Chris Holmes
Plus: White Trash Beach Contests, Super Duper Prizes, Funky Pinata, Photo Booth and most importantly FREE DRINKS!
$10 (if dressed in beach attire, $20 w/o)
More Info: www.kiptone.com and www.dimmak.com

Cube Tell All Interview

It's been a long time since Dr. Cube conducted an interview for kaiju.com. While Cube often offers interviews to national publications and broadcasters, he has never made himself available for questioning by Kaiju announcer, Louden Noxious. After years of begging, bribing, and harassing, Louden was finally able to sit down with Cube for a meaningful exchange. Louden's Interview with Dr. Cube covers a variety of topics and touches upon many recent Kaiju mysteries and Big Battel developments.

If you find yourself craving more give and take, tune into G4 TV on Friday to watch Louden and Cube discuss the politics of Kaiju Big Battel. It'll be like Hardball, but with Louden's shrill, outrageous histrionics and Cube's soul-chilling visage, replacing Paul Begala's shrill, outrageous histrionics and Robert Novak's soul-chilling visage.

Kaiju Big Battel on "Attack of the Show"
When: Friday 8/19 at 7PM EST; Saturday 8/20 at 12AM, 3AM, and 8AM EST
Where: G4TV
More Info: www.g4tv.com

Kaiju Quote

"Gomi-man's toxic slime stains worse than Abu Grape."

-- Tim Salbino on the worst Kaiju Big Battel stain that he has had to clean up.

Next Week

Photos from the Boston Kaiju Party, and a new video trailer from last month's West Virginia Big Battel!

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Ask the Commissioner

Good Afternoon,

I represent a large group of clients, some of my them are looking for "hot sauce." My job is to help them find a good source of information and product. Based on what I see on your site, I'd like to discuss arrangement with your firm. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Warm Regards,
Richard Harty

Dear Mr. Harty,

It's been a long time since kaiju.com sold the infamous Hell Monkey Hot Sauce in the Kaiju Mall. Yes, at the time it was a best seller. But after one to many burn victims, an army of litigation lawyers shut down Dr. Cube's hot sauce business. Perhaps I can interest you and your large group of clients in Hell Monkey's limited edition Apes of Wraths T-shirt. Eitherway, I wish you luck on your "hot sauce" quest.

Your friend,
Kaiju Commissioner

Do you have a question for the Commissioner? Email it to commissioner@kaiju.com.

Question of the Week

Where have all the suits gone?

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