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Kaiju Big Battel
Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Menaces Unibouzu

Mmm, Mmm, Bad!

Boston Event Now 18+!

Due to intense demand from Boston-area students hoping to help thwart Cube's college takeover, Wednesday's Kaiju Video Celebration Fun Party at PA's Lounge in Union Square has now been declared an 18+ event. For more information on this rock and/or roll explosion featuring Peelander-Z, Z.W.A., and Louden Noxious' own Cube-thwarting band, the Poison Ivy League, plus video and appearances by Kaiju Big Battel, see below...

Kaiju Video Celebration Fun Party
Featuring: Z.W.A. (featuring members of Big Digits and UV Protection); Peelander-Z (Japanese action comic book punk); and Poison Ivy League (featuring Kaiju announcer, Louden Noxious!)
With Special Appearances by Pedro Plantain, and Dr. Cube
When: Wednesday, August 3rd
Doors: 8:30, $6, NOW 18+
Where: PA's Lounge
345 Somerville Ave., Union Square, Somerville, MA

Check out the Weekly Dig's interview with Yellow for a hint of the bizarre genius that is Peelander-Z.

Video Confirms Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle's Awesomeness

Recently, Kaiju fan Carolyn Smithson sent a letter to the Kaiju Commissioner posing a simple question, "Who is the best Kaiju Rogue?" After much deep thought, statistical analysis, and consulting of the stars, the Commissioner arrived at this response,

Dear Carolyn,

I don't even know how to begin to answer your question. Trying to pick from the likes of Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Unibouzu, and Vegetius is like trying to pick a pumpkin from a porcupine patch. Rogue Kaiju are an insidious element and I prefer not to assign them superlatives like "best" or "smartest" or "cutest smile". Instead, I offer you this new fighto video featuring Dr. Cube, Unibouzu, and Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle at May Day! Mayday! Boston SOS! The video speaks a billion words.

Your Friend,
The Kaiju Commissioner

Do you have questions of your own? Email them to commissioner@kaiju.com.

Ain't No Party Like a Kaiju Party!

The Kaiju Commissioner recently learned that Dr. Cube is planning to assault the many colleges and universities of Boston with a mass Minion-brainwashing attack this coming Wednesday. According to documents obtained by moles in the Posse, Cube plans to brainwash Beantown's student body by hijacking the transmitters of the college radio stations in the area. The pitiful range of these transmitters will ensure only students and hangers-about will be subject to the brainwash rays, thus avoiding detection by law enforcement, government officials, or just about anyone else not living between the Freshmen Dorms and Frat Row.

All hope is not lost however. Kaiju announcer Louden Noxious plans to disrupt Cube's hi-fi brainwash signal by using the power of rock and roll. Louden has assembled a special band, Poison Ivy League, and has made enragements to unleash their sonic counter-fury at the very moment Cube plans to transmit his brainwash rays. Louden has also called in musical backup in the form of Peelander-Z, and Z.W.A.

In support of Louden's efforts, the Commissioner has announced that the whole affair will be dubbed the first annual Kaiju Video Celebration Fun Party! This multi-media explosion will be hosted by Louden and the loveable Pedro Plantain, who will provide protection in case Cube tries to interfere. The night will also feature brand-spanking new video from the upcoming Kaiju DVD, More Better Fighto.

Hi-Fructose Stirs Up Heroes

Dr. Cube's tell-all interview in the debut issue of Hi-Fructose Magazine has thrown the hall of Heroes into an indignant rage. In the interview, Cube stated that the Kaiju Heroes are mere pests and that he can "flick them off like unwanted snot" any time he so desired. Slo Feng and American Beetle have been contacting media outlets to an issue a formal response, but their calls aren't being returned. A bemused Cube has offered his most insincere sympathy, saying "Don't worry, it's not you, it's just that no one wants to talk to a bunch of losers who can't keep their pants up, because someone went and took their Championship Belt!"

Check out the 8-page Kaiju feature in Hi-Fructose Magazine to get the full Cube interview. Other highlights include Gary Baseman, Brian McCarty, Attaboy, and The Lifesize Mousetrap!

Kaiju Web Wrangler Kidnapped, Rescued, Married

In a shocking turn of events, the Kaiju Web Wrangler recently escaped certain death at the hands of Dr. Cube, thanks to a kind and beautiful stranger. While walking to Kaiju HQ earlier this month, the Web Wrangler was accosted by a mob of Minions, stuffed into a crate, and shipped to Dr. Cube's secret tropical island. Then, just hours before Cube was to attempt an experimental full leetectomy procedure on the hapless hacker, a kind local fisherwoman happened upon his seaside holding cell. Springing the lock on the Web Wrangler's cage with her harpoon, the fisherwoman spirited him away and spent the next two weeks nursing him back to health in her home on the island of Tortola. During this time the Web Wrangler and the fisherwoman fell madly in love, were married, and returned together to the United States where they plan to live happily ever after.

Question of the Week

Who the heck is Josh Slater?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Red Hot Blue Deviler Meat

The new, limited-edition Sky Deviler Meat was a huge hit with the kids at the San Diego Comic Con. If you missed the Geek fest, you can pick up some Sky Deviler Meat in Tempe, Arizona at the Kaiju-themed Peelander-Z show at The Sets on Saturday, August 27th. Tickets are $10. Visit thesets.com for all event info.

If you don't live in the desert, there's only one way to get a piece of Sky Deviler Meat. Any order of $30 or more (not including shipping) from the Kaiju Mall and you'll get your very own piece of Sky Deviler Meat (while supplies last). This is the only way to get this meat - it's not for sale anywhere!

New Fan King

Speaking of the late, great Space Bug, the newest Otaku Fan King award has been given to a very special Sky Deviler tribute. Longtime Otaku contributor Monstermaniac has always been a big Sky Deviler fan, so it's fitting that his "Goodbye My Fat Friend" has won him the elusive Fan King crown. Congratulations Monstermaniac - email contest@kaiju.com with your mailing address and your prize pack will be sent out shortly.

Check out some of Monstermaniac's earlier Sky Deviler art, plus tons more in the Otaku House, then submit your own Kaiju inspired work to contest@kaiju.com.

Kaiju Quote

"Their private stock of Royal Jelly juice had gone dry, so they decided to take on a couple of B-list Heroes as a quick pick me up."

-- Dr Cube on why The Swarm challenged American Beetle and Pedro Plantain to a fighto at the All Good Musical Festival last weekend.

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