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Kaiju Big Battel
More Better Fighto

Coming soon...

DVD on Deck

This week, the Kaiju Commissioner proudly announced that the next Kaiju Big Battel DVD, More Better Fighto is nearly complete. After studying the Kaiju Message Board, the Commissioner decided many fans wanted an all-fighto video, packed to the top, left, right and bottom with the best Big Battels in Kaiju history. Incredibly enough, the Commissioner was able to narrow it down to 10 Battels. The Commissioner is so giddy with delight at the DVD's rough cut that he has asked the offshore Kaiju Video department to put together a short trailer showcasing the monster mayhem.

Check out the sneak preview More Better Fighto trailer now. Music compliments of Peelander-Z.

Sky Deviler Meat is Deliverable

When Sky Deviler was killed by Dr. Cube's Minions under the orders of Dino Kang Jr. (as seen on the Shocking Truth DVD), a legendary Space Bug was lost. Nonetheless, the memory of Sky Deviler lives on. With the help of the highest quality preservatives, authentic Sky Deviler meat will carry the touch of his memory for years to come. The next 50 online Kaiju Mall orders over $25 (shipping and handling not included) will receive a fresh cut of Sky Deviler meat (while supplies last). Sky Deviler meat is not available for purchase anywhere else. According to the Kaiju Commissioner, that would "cheapen the cherished remains of a Kaiju original."

Otaku Art Heist!

In a brazen robbery last Friday, a band of techo-art thieves known as the Tiger 4 Gang broke into the Kaiju Otaku House processing center and made off with two months worth of fan art submissions. This priceless haul of fan-created illustrations, photographs, and diy toys has left the Otaku House without any new material, and the Commissioner unable to crown a new Otaku Fan King. While it is unknown just how the thieves perpetrated this crime, the authorities speculate that they created some sort of computer virus that forwarded all email submissions from the Kaiju weblord's inbox to them, before wiping out over two months worth of online correspondence.

In response to this crisis, the Commissioner has donated an awesome prize for the next Fan King - an out-of-print black Team Space Bug T-shirt (size large). So, put those crayons to good use and enter to win. The Fan Art theme for July is "Remembering Sky Deviler", though re-submitted stolen entries will be eligible as well. The winner will also receive the first piece of Sky Deviler meat off the chopping block.

Email your fan art submissions to contest@kaiju.com.

Sign My Scrubs

Kaiju Big Battel's next Anime appearance will be at Connecticon in Hartford, CT on Saturday, July 16th. Dr. Cube and one of his infamous henchman will be signing autographs at the Comicopia booth on Saturday only. Bring your 8x10 glossies for official scribbled signatures. Autographs and photo opps are FREE, curtsey of Dr. Cube's Posse. In the words on Dr. Cube, "Only washed up has-beens like Lou Ferrigno, Kenny Baker, and the blond guy from Beast Master charge for autographs. I don't need kids' lunch money."

Question of the Week

How did Josh Slater manage to get Uchu Chu to sit for a portrait?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Ask the Commissioner

My name IS DR.NOAH i work for a company call kai-genatics where we turn good people into super soldiers or anything that they want for a good price. I have been working on a special project to help defend Maine because the evil DR. cube has struck here. So here is my question how does my monster get into your kaiju ring of battle or register in. - thanx DR. n

Dear Dr. Noah:

Oh, you are a confused young man. For jeepers sake, goodness does not profit from evil, no matter what the United States' Republican Party would tell you. All Kaiju Heroes are personally invited to participate in the Big Battel by yours truly. The main qualifier is that the Hero must genuinely want to protect the good people of earth. Turning humans into super soldiers for a "good price" would automatically disqualify your creations.

If you really want to do good, I suggest you ask yourself "what does the Big Battel really need", while picking up trash on your local streets. I'll give you a hint by saying that we do not need another opportunistic businessman that wants to exploit the Big Battel for his own gain under the guise of helping the little people.

Your friend,
The Kaiju Commissioner

Email your questions to commissioner@kaiju.com

Kaiju Quote

"Many humans prefer to be on the winning team, even if the team is morally corrupt."

--Dr Cube on why his Posse is getting bigger everyday despite its morally depraved agenda.

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