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Title - MTV2

When MTV2 approached the Kaiju Commissioner with the idea of a Kaiju Big Battel TV special he was very hesitant. The Commissioner had considered using television as a tool for communicating the dangers of Kaiju to the world, but he felt TV's commercial and generally crass content was not serious enough to give people an idea of how dangerous the Kaiju Big Battel really was. However, the Commissioner knew that Dr. Cube's strength was growing; if something was not done to save unsuspecting humans from Cube's propaganda there would be trouble. By showing the world the Terebi Sento DVD and having a safe introduction to the Kaiju world, the Commissioner thought he could curb the damage of Dr. Cube's quest of world domination.

Little did the Commissioner know, when he announced that the Kaiju Big Battel Super-Special Special on MTV2 would take place, Dr. Cube was watching. In fact, Cube resolved that he and his Posse would not stand by idly while the Commissioner slandered his "good name."

mtv logoscreenLouden Noxious kicked off the Special with an intimate fireside chat, where he broke the news to MTV2 viewers around the world that "Monsters are real and Danger Can Happen." After a fantastic intro montage of live Kaiju Big Battel action, the cameras focused on Louden, Referee Jingi, and guest commentator Dino Kang Jr. behind a fancy desk in the TRL studio. The threesome then proceeded to watch the first and second Battels from Terebi Sento and break it down blow by blow. After which Louden was quick to warn new viewers of the Dangers of the nefarious Dr. Cube and his Posse.

All was going well at the Super Special until Dino Kang Jr. abruptly left the commentator's desk, apparently to use Carson Daley's plush personal lavatory. To the viewers' horror, the dinosaur marsupial left a studio door ajar and a horde of frightening looking feet entered for a surprise attack. Louden and Jingi were caught off guard by Dr. Cube and his Posse as they rushed the Super-Special set and took over the show. Jingi, immediately sensing the danger, used a well-placed escape hatch to get out of harms way, however Louden was not as lucky.thumb2

thumb3After setting an elegant table, Dr. Cube's Minions threw Louden through a nearby table and then tied him up. Dr. Cube grabbed the microphone and Minions took over the cameras throwing the Super Special officially into chaos. Dr. Cube explained his agenda of world domination and introduced the world to his evil monster creations. Cube thought his plan was foolproof and that the Special was his, until a gigantic explosion rocked the studio bringing his plans to a halt.

Jingi and the Kaiju Heroes emerged out of the smoking rubble to save the Special and a non-sanctioned Big Battel began as Jingi shouted "Fighto!" As Cube shouted to his Minions and monsters from his perch on the desk, the Plantain Twins took on Marutambo, Hell Monkey battered RoBox, and The Grudyin attacked Slo Feng in an all out brawl. As Gomi-man and some yellow bellied Minions tried to escape, they were followed by Slo Feng and new Hero Neo Teppin into a back alley. A spectacular Battel ensued as Neo Teppin revealed some of his 27 secret powers and Slo Feng fought nobly. However, the two Heroes were over powered by countless Minions and Gomi-man. So Slo Feng called for his magical hammer to defeat the garbage monster and the remaining Minions.thumb4

After making short work on the Minions and Gomi-man, the two Heroes rushed back to the studio where they found the fight raging on; Dr. Cube himself had entered the fray, taking down Dusto Bunny with his spectacular malpractice technique. As a last resort, Dr. Cube called on Napalean to rumble through Times Square which subsequently shook the entire building. When this did not stop the Heroes, Dr. Cube and what was left of his Posse fled. The Heroes let the Posse retreat as they all came to the aid of Jingi who was trapped under an I-beam. Jingi was saved, Louden Noxious was released, and the Super Special was released from the terror of Dr. Cube!thumb5

As Louden, Jingi, and the Kaiju Heroes rejoiced in celebration of their great victory, the cameras found Dr. Cube escaping into a get away car driven by Dino Kang Jr. Cube grabbed a remote control with the words "Plan B Button" on it and cackled as he pushed the big red button. Seconds later, a chocolate brown building with a large satellite dish on top (we can only assume is some kind of MTV broadcasting building) was blown to smithereens and the screen went to static, only to slowly reveal the Cube and Crossbones logo. Despite the glorious win of the Kaiju Heroes over the Posse, it seems that Dr. Cube had the last laugh again.