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Kaiju Big Battel
Shocking Truth - The New Kaiju DVD

A Laugh Out Loud Thrill Ride!

Shocking Truth Reviewed

Kaiju's newest DVD, Shocking Truth, will be in stores in just a few weeks, and the reviews are starting to roll in. Otaku Unite!, Millionaire Playboy, and the Horror Channel's Dread Central have all recently posted their takes on the DVD, and (no surprise to us) they love it! Otaku Unite's Eric Bresler calls Shocking Truth "the apex of the Kaiju experience thus far", while Dread Central says Kaiju Big Battel is "extremely entertaining and at times borderline surreal." But perhaps the most shocking revelation comes from Millionaire Playboy's Jager who says Kaiju fans will "never be the same when they see who's left dead on the Battelfield!" Check out the reviews for yourself, then pre-order the DVD to be the first on your block to get a copy.

Millionaire Playboy is also running a contest to win a copy of the DVD. Scroll down to the bottom of Millionaire Playboy's review for contest details.

Kaiju for Your Car

Sure you could spruce up your 1982 AMC Eagle with a new body kit, some ground effects, or maybe a sweet in-dash X-Box, but do you really want to be that ostentatious? Of course not! You're the sophisticated type, so you know that all you need is this new Kaiju Team Bumper Sticker to make your ride at least 300% cooler. The bumper sticker is printed with a bold black and red design featuring a representative from each of the Kaiju factions, and with only a few hundred ever printed it's a highly collectable, $2 pimp your ride kit!

Of course you can always get one of the Bumper Stickers for free when you pre-order the Shocking Truth DVD.

Question of the Week

Are any Kaiju on the juice?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Beetle Outraged

Last week, Dr. Cube unveiled his new Limited Edition Cube Recruitment Poster, and the reaction was stunning. So popular was the new print, that even a Kaiju Hero was rumored to have purchased one. Today, at a press conference at Kaiju Headquarters, it was revealed that the Heroice purchaser was American Beetle. But the star-spangled superhero wasn't trying to support Cube, as he revealed in his remarks (translated from the original Spanish):

I have in my hands today, the most despicable piece of Cube propaganda I have ever seen. Uncle Sam is an iconic representation of America's greatness, and Dr. Cube has preverted it by placing his evil-filled head where Uncle Sam's kind, but stern face should be. I am launching a nation-wide boycott of this poster and urge you to not buy it under any circumstances. But don't do it for me - do it for the good ol' USA.

So far there has been no reaction from Cube's camp, but already Wal-mart has announced that while they never actually carried the poster, if they had, it would have been taken off the shelves.

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