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Kaiju Big Battel
Japunks/DVD Release Party April 22nd in Philly and April 23rd in NYC

Power of Punk & Mayhem of Monsters

Kaiju Hosts Japunks Jamboree

Kaiju Big Battel's second DVD, Shocking Truth, hits stores on April 12th, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, the Kaiju Commissioner has teamed up with Japunks and Karaterice to host Japunks Panic Jamboree 8. Japunks Jamboree, a multi-city celebration of Japanese punk, features 6 of the best bands America and Japan have to offer, headlined by NYC's Peelander-Z, Okinawa's Bleach03, and Tokyo's Ed Woods. Of course if Kaiju Big Battel is hosting you can expect more than just music. While the Commissioner has been coy about exactly what he has planned for the event, Kaiju giveaways and Kaiju creature appearances are to be expected. Stay tuned to kaiju.com for more information about these shows and what special surprises are planned!

Japunks Panic Jamboree 8
Hosted by Kaiju Big Battel
Friday, April 22nd @ The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, April 23rd @ CBGB's, NYC
Bands: Peelander-Z, Bleach03, Ed Woods, The Spunks, DJ Mammooth and MC Eagle, and The Dudoos
Plus: Special Kaiju appearances, giveaways, and more!
More info: japunks.com or karaterice.com

Ask Dr. Cube

Dear Dr. Cube, Will your wonderful new blog be available in syndication through an RSS feed so I can read it via my LiveJournal account? I want to be converted, but I'm too lazy to actually go to your website all the time. Love, Dieter

Dear Dieter,

You're too lazy to keep track of the premier source of Dr. Cube information? That's like saying you're too lazy to breath! You must be one of those portly beared folk who type away at their nerdputers all day long while munching on imitation cheese products. First you were too lazy to go outside for a walk. Now you're too lazy to check a web site?! I swear, if I wasn't here to enslave humanity, you'd probably lazy yourself right into extinction!

Ordinarily your insolence would be met with a swift Napalean-kick to the face, followed by a swift disposal of your now-headless torso, but I do see potential in you. After all, if I need my Minions to chase down a new brain donor, how hard could it be to catch someone as lazy as you? So, I've added an XML feed to my blog. So enjoy it like the big techno-geek you are, and for pete's sake, go outside and take a walk down the street. Right by that unmarked van with the blacked out windows...

Dr. Cube

Do you have a question for Dr. Cube? Ask at your own peril, by emailing him at drcube@kaiju.com.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

E-Card Extravaganza

Remember back before the internet when you would buy someone a paper card and mail it to them through the postal service like some sort of club-weilding, sabertooth tiger-fighting, tiny-brained cave-person? Well those days are over, and kaiju.com and KOCH Vision aren't ones to live in the past. So, to promote the release of Shocking Truth, we've put together a little e-card featuring DVD information and some extra goodies. Check it out, then send it to a friend to tell them all about the Shocking Truth. When you're done perusing the card, head over to the Kaiju Mall and pre-order your copy. All pre-orders will receive a free limited edition bumper sticker and will be shipped directly to you the minute they arrive from the manufacturer.

Question of the Week

Which Kaiju will be crashing the party at The Khyber and CBGB's?

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