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Kaiju Big Battel
Shocking Truth DVD

In Stores Now!

Shocking Truth Out Now!

The wait for the brand new Kaiju DVD, Shocking Truth, is now over. Last week fans and retail stores all across America received their DVDs, and so far the reaction has been outstanding (see reviews at Otaku Unite!, Millionaire Playboy, the Horror Channel's Dread Central, and in the most recent issues of Time Out New York and Entertainment Weekly). Of course, no DVD release would be complete with a DVD release party, and this weekend there are two of them! If you're in the Philadelphia area come on out to Japunks Panic Jamboree 8 at the Khyber on Friday, or if you live in or near New York City the party's on Saturday when Japunks Panic Jamboree 8 takes over CBGB's. Kaiju Big Battel will be hosting both nights, and you can expect giveaways, videos, and Kaiju appearances both nights.

Japunks Panic Jamboree 8
Hosted by Kaiju Big Battel
Friday, April 22nd @ The Khyber, Philadelphia, PA
Saturday, April 23rd @ CBGB's, NYC
Bands: Peelander-Z, Bleach03, Ed Woods, The Spunks, DJ Mammooth and MC Eagle, and The Dudoos
Plus: Special Kaiju appearances, giveaways, and more!
More info: japunks.com or karaterice.com

Brand New Party Crasher Video

One Kaiju who won't be welcome at this weekend's festivities will be The Grudyin. Despite the debut of his brand new tag-team and T-shirt (see below), The Grudyin was ticked off that no one remembered his birthday earlier this year, so he decided to throw himself a birthday party... with other people's presents! The flea-ridden freak stole gifts from people all across the country and there was only one Hero who could stand up for all the ripped-off birthday, wedding, and holiday celebrators - Neo Teppen!

Watch as Teppen takes on The Grudyin in part one of the newest installment of the Neo Teppen show - Neo Teppen VS The Grudyin. And visit next week for the exciting conclusion, where we find out if Teppen is really down for the count.

Cube's New Commie Line

Recently, a vintage soviet-style Dr. Cube propaganda poster was discovered in a London attic. Despite the owner's wish to keep the heirloom in the family, the poster somehow found its way into Cube's hands, and today the PhD of EvL has unleashed a brand new propaganda campaign based on the found poster. In a three-pronged attack on the hearts and minds of humans everywhere, Cube has debuted a limited edition Com-minionist Poster (50 prints only!), a collectable Com-minionist Propaganda Kit, and a brand new Com-minionist T-Shirt.

All three items feature the same distressed, retro-Russian constructivism Cube logo and the inspiring logo, "The Right Choice For Your Bright Future." Who knows how long these items will last before the government cracks down on their Pro-Cube, Anti-America message, so get yours now!

Question of the Week

If The Grudyin was created last May, how can it already be his birthday?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

More New T-Shirts

The Com-minionist T-Shirt isn't the only new piece of apparel in Cube's spring line. First off there's the new Cube Power T-Shirt. Designed by Kaiju illustrator-at-large Vinny Arnone, the Cube Power T features Cube, the reigning Kaiju champion, towering over all his Kaiju rivals. The two-color comic-book inspired design is exclusively available in royal blue T-shirt.

Cube's second new shirt is more than just a piece of clothing, it's also an announcement of Kaiju's newest tag team force - The Apes of Wraths! Hell Monkey and The Grudyin form Cube's furious force of simian terror, and this shirt shows just how menacing they can be. This limited edition, three-color design by Vinny Arnone is available in an orange shirt. Pick one up now and show the world you're down with the angriest apes in the Big Battel.

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