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Kaiju Big Battel
Silver Potato holding a kitten

Legendary Hero and Animal Lover

Where is Silver Potato?

In the eyes of many, Silver Potato was the greatest champion Kaiju Big Battel has ever seen. A starchy defender of good, Potato fought his way through Team Space Bug, the Kaiju Rogues, and Dr. Cube's Posse to win the Kaiju Championship Belt and show everyone that the Heroes were back on top. Sadly, Potato's reign ended in tragedy, as chronicled in the new Shocking Truth DVD, when Dr. Cube orchestrated his downfall, stripping Potato of the belt, and during the up-rocking russet into a wheelchair-bound spud. Then, when it seemed nothing could be worse, Potato was kidnapped by the Posse at Tinsel Town Showdown, and has not been seen since.

With Silver Potato missing for nearly seven months now, hopes of his safe return are fading. However, the Kaiju Commissioner has not given up on the Uber Tuber, and to underscore his faith, has announced a new information gathering contest to locate Potato's whereabouts. From now until April 12th, the Commissioner is accepting any and all tips that might lead to the safe return of Silver Potato. No information is too obscure, no lead is too outlandish. Email your tip to commissioner@kaiju.com today and help find Silver Potato. The best tip* will receive a special prize from kaiju.com - an out-of-print Silver Potato T-Shirt and Girlie Shirt. These shirts are no longer available for sale anywhere - winning this contest is the only way to get one!

* Tips will be judged on creativity, humor, and how helpful they are in finding Silver Potato.

Intractable Evil

Dr. Cube knows that the secret to evil is promotion, promotion, promotion! So with this in mind, he is redoubling his Posse's recruitment efforts, focusing on a classic technique - distributing Cube tracts. In an address this week to his entire Posse, Dr. Cube outlined just how important Cube tracts can be...

"Listen up, my loyal legions! In the last year I have destroyed Silver Potato, humiliated Slo Feng, toyed with Neo Teppen, and then put out a DVD documenting it all. And to top it all off, I've captured the Kaiju Championship Belt for my own. Pretty neat, huh? We might as well just take a few months off and vacation in Tortola or something. I'll bring the suntan lotion, Hell Monkey you grab the beach towels. Sounds pretty "cool", right?"

"WRONG!!! Evil does not vacation! There is no R&R for world domination! If we sit on our posteriors like the rest of the slobs out there then we'll loose everything I have worked so hard for. Make no mistake - the Heroes and those doofi in Team Space Bug are on the ropes, but now we must deliver the knockout blow! And to do so we need more Minions, more recruits, more fresh faces to strap masks on to! And how do we do it? By handing out Cube tracts to the gullible, the stupid, and the just plain ugly."

"But please, let's not repeat the mistakes of the past. Do not waste your time in nursing homes, slot machine alley, or Old Country Buffets. It isn't easy making a killing machine from the geriatric, you know. In fact, before you goons make any more mistakes, read my revised Guide to Using Cube Tracts. Then go out there and find me some future-Minions!!!!!!"

Already Cube's recruitment drive has had one major effect: the Kaiju Mall can barely keep Propaganda Packs (featuring Cube tracts, stickers, pins, and more) on the shelves.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Cube is Wicked Awesome

Dr. Cube supporters in the Boston area will be happy to hear that the geometrically-domed doctor will be visiting the Boston Anime Convention at the Hynes Convention Center on April 29th through May 1st. Appearing at the Comicopia booth, Cube will be signing autographs and taunting passersby, while keeping an eye out for possible recruits for his Minion armies. Also at the Comicopia booth will be Kaiju giveaways including new Shocking Truth stickers, plus some special items for sale from Kaiju Big Battel and Comicopia.

This year, the geek gala will be held at the Hynes Convention Center at 900 Boylston Street in Boston. Visit http://www.animeboston.com for more info.

Pedro Plantain Pwn3d

Pedro Plantain, half of the fun-loving, freedom-fighting tandem Los Plantanos, has become the center of a celebrity scandal thanks to a hacked cell phone. Pedro, who famously loves to take candid snapshots on his mobile phone, was apparently the victim of a hacker who broke into his account and posted his camera-phone pictures on the internet.

While most of the photos were fairly innocuous, some were quite embarrassing for the subjects: One picture featured RoBox stuck in a door way, and another, although originally thought to be of a wookie and an ewok mating, was later determined to be a shot of Slo Feng grooming his back hair.

Pedro has apologized to all the exposed Heroes, and has also changed all his passwords to something a little more obscure. Not a bad idea, since the hacker claimed Pedro's was so easy to guess, he got it on the first try.

Question of the Week

What was Pedro's password?

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