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Kaiju Big Battel
Applications Accepted

Do You Have Any References?

KRC Now Accepting Applications for Commissioner Vacancy

In the midst of a complicated investigation towards the last Commissioner's murder, the Kaiju Regulatory Commission has begun their process of finding his successor, and is now taking applications for the Commissioner position. The process is expected to be a long and arduous one, as the winning candidate must recieve votes from 27 of the 53 officials in the Commission. Unless an obvious contender rises forth, this will take plenty of convincing, as each KRC official will likely have their own idea as to whom they think is suited for the job.

After the application period has ended (the deadline is June 1st), the KRC will then sort through the applicants and take an initial vote of support. Those not recieving any votes will be removed from consideration, while the candidates, lobbyists and members of the KRC themselves will all attempt to sway the Commission towards their choice, until the 27-vote majority has been reached. This may take a while.

Among the past rumored candidates, most of the big names have already dropped out of consideration, including the odds-on favorite, former New York Knicks president Isiah Thomas. Sources say the stress of the position was undesirable for most of the candidates, although Thomas in particular was upset at the lack of female hires in the KRC head offices. Think you're qualified for the Commissioner position? Send your resume and a cover letter to resume@kaiju.com.

Kaiju to Crush Anime Boston 2009

It was three years ago when Kaiju Big Battel invaded Anime Boston for Someone Must Die! and changed the face of anime conventions forever. Never before, or since, had there been a murder perpetrated in front of thousands at a harmless gathering of otaku. But the evil Dr. Cube and his brainwashed puppet, Silver Potato, did just that when they murdered Pablo Plantain, stunning the Anime Boston crowd.

Since that fateful day, anime cons have banned bladed weapons and realistic-looking firearms in an attempt to curb the violence that Pablo's murder was sure to initiate. Thankfully, however, the attendees remained respectful in the face of tragedy, and continued living their lives in a non-violent fashion, instead choosing to fill the void in their existence by brandishing wooden paddles and inviting people to "yah-wee parties", whatever the hell that may be.

While there will not be a repeat live monster battel at Anime Boston in 2009, that doesn't mean you can't get your Kaiju Big Battel fix at AB2009. In fact, Kaiju will be in full force at the con, with a table in the dealer's room and live monster appearances! If this map is to be believed, Kaiju's table is #625, located along the wall adjacent to the Anime Boston merchandise. But this may be subject to change. Anime Boston runs from Friday, May 22nd to Sunday, May 24th, and more information can be found at their website, right here. Also appearing at the con is Christopher Ayres, who definitely loves to party.

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All Out War Two One Month Away!

Yes, there's less than 30 days until the biggest monster mayhem explosion in Philadelphia since, well, Shpadoinkelmania VII. It's All Out War 2: The Search for the Golden Treasure, June 20th at The Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA! Who's gonna be there? Who's facing who? Will merchandise be sold? The answers to these questions, and more, lie in the weeks ahead! Although we're pretty sure that yes, merchandise will be sold at the Trocadero the night of the show. Just so we're clear.

Super Wrong Launches Twitter

It's only been a few months since the launch of Super Wrong's revolutionary website, but Super Wrong admits that HTML is a difficult language to master, especially since Super Wrong is from the future, and HTML is long since obsolete by his time. So while he won't be giving up on his website, he has jumped on to another web bandwagon, the social networking site Twitter.

Now able to update the world from the keys of his primitive 2008 phone (phones in the future have no buttons, only feelings), SuperWrong has been Tweeting away for the past few weeks, and intends on continuing to do so for the near future, until the next big fad in social networking comes along, anyway.

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