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Kaiju Big Battel

Commish Secrets Revealed

Secret Commissioner Documents Declassified

So you thought you knew everything about the recently departed Kaiju Commissioner, did you? You thought that just because you skimmed his profile page and read the , you knew everything there was to know about the Commissioner? Well, we're sorry that it was such a shock to you when you found out last week that everything you thought you knew about the Commissioner was wrong.

Yes, last week, Kaiju.com recieved a mysterious envelope with some shocking declassified documents inside. We're not quite sure who sent it, but we know it's legit, and we were so eager to share it with you, we put the rest of the Kaiju news on hold. But if you somehow missed the declassified file on the life of the former Kaiju Commissioner from last week, you can still find it right here.

Right now, we only have part one, but we can probably assume part two is on its way some time in the future. When? Don't ask us. We didn't even know we were getting part one! While these documents provide plenty of answers, they may have just created even more questions as well! Why was the Commissioner's original bio so inaccurate? Was it a coverup? What was he trying to hide? And obviously, the details of the Commissioner's past did nothing to clear up the one main question in all of this; who killed him? Stay tuned as we find out more.

More Kaiju Bootlegs Running Wild

Looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift? Too late! Mother's Day was yesterday, you turkey. But if you're looking for the perfect gift for anyone, especially yourself, there's only one place that fits the bill, and that's the Kaiju Mall. And what a Mall it is, as just this week, we've added four new Bootleg DVDs to the collection!

Okay, so maybe they were already available before today, but look! These ones have their own covers! Now you can envision how they'd look on your DVD shelf while you're waiting for them to arrive! And we've got some great ones this week, like Some Better Fighto, Philly Factory Fighto, All Out War, and Danger Danger.

In the coming weeks and months ahead, we hope to make the Kaiju Mall a vault of Kaiju video history, as we work on acquiring new bootlegs to put on the site and preserve more than a decade of city-crushing monster madness for posterity. Unless we just don't have the footage. Like the first Super Bowl, or those early episodes of Dr. Who. We didn't erase them, though. That'd just be stupid. But we digress; go to the mall and get to buying!

Buy More Better Fighto DVD!

Slug-Watch 2009: The Road to the Troc!

Travelling the long road to revenge, SDS-1 is an unstoppable beast on a runaway choo-choo train of destruction! The Slug is slowly crawling to Philadelphia right now in anticipation of our next battel, All Out War 2: The Search for the Golden Treasure, live from The Trocadero on June 20th.

After leaving its home in Bryn Mawr, PA, SDS-1 has already reached Haverford, and is now only 10 miles away from Philadelphia! Can the Slug avenge its dubious defeat in the RoBox Mean 13 Rumble last month, or will Dino Kang Jr. shut him up once and for all? It's a little more than a month away, but that doesn't mean it's any less dangerous! Keep it here on Kaiju.com for all the updates as they develop!

Question of the Week

Who's the stud modeling the shirts on the Mall?

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