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Kaiju Big Battel
New Sky Deviler Toy

Behold - the Sky Deviler Toy!

Marmit Launches First Kaiju Toy!

After months of prototypes, painting, and hard work, Marmit, Japan's leading manufacturer of vinyl monster toys, has unleashed their first Kaiju Big Battel beast. This brand new, beautifully painted Sky Deviler toy, featuring the late great one-eyed space glutton has been officially released for sale in Japan. According to Google's English translation of the Japanese-only webpage, Marmit is taking orders for this limited edition toy through July 31st only. So if you live in Japan, or have connections across the Pacific, place your order today for this debut Big Battel toy!

As far as a US release of this toy is concerned, Marmit and the Kaiju Commissioner are remaining mum. If you want to see this and other Kaiju toys released in the US email the Commish at commissioner@kaiju.com and let him know!

Another Nightmarish Night Out for Powa Ranjuru

Following her recent dating debacles, Powa Ranjuru had a restless night on Monday. Despite her best efforts to sleep off the hot-date hangover, Powa found herself plagued by terrifying nightmares involving Dusto and Robox fightoing each other for her heart. Powa told herself that she was finished with such dangerous dates, and began to lose all hope of finding her one true love.

Just as the winged warrior had resigned herself to spending the rest of her life leafing through mail-order husband catalogs, her top-secret emergency Hero phone rang. Powa was primed for another day-saving adventure, but soon found it was only Force Trooper Robo, abusing his Hero telecom privileges to invite Powa to join him for Wednesday's Hill Climb at the world famous Laconia Motorcycle Week. Powa was surprised that Force Trooper was willing to bring his sleek sport bike to a bastion of Harleys and hairy dudes, especially after his robo-chassis had just been repaired after a recent crash. Impressed with his bravery, Powa accepted the date and hopped on the back of his rocket-bike for the ride to New Hampshire.

The date was going well, until Trooper Robo decided to show off his chivalrous side. In the midst of the motorcycle rally, the blue-helmeted Hero pulled a female reveler aside and whispered in her ear that "there appears to be a very large hole in the seat of your leather pants." A large bearded man took umbrage at Trooper's helpful remark, exclaiming "Don't you look at my old lady you scooter-riding dome-head!" before shoving a pool cue in between the spokes of the Robo bike, sending the two Heroes skidding across the payment. Powa quickly cleared a chain-wielding mob with one swing of her Mallet Protector, and whisked Trooper away to safety. Much to Powa's dismay, during the incident her original black, white and red Air Jordan High Tops were scuffed, and Powa had no choice but to reject the Robo, and remain loveless still.

Join the Kaiju Anime Club

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email info@kaiju.com for more info.

Question of the Week

Why do you keep sending me supamu?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Kaiju at MoCCA Next Weekend

Kaiju Big Battel is headed to NYC on June 23-24 for MoCCA Art Festival 2007. The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art is presenting this weekend long celebration of the illustrated word, which is like a comic-con, with less fan boys, and more artists. Fitting right into this classy image, several Big Battelers will be in the house, signing autographs and menacing festival-goers.

MoCCA Art Festival 2007
When: June 23-24, 2007
Where: Puck Building (293 Lafayette at Houston), New York City
Hours: 11:00am - 6:00pm
Admission is $8/day / $10/weekend pass (weekend pass only $5 for MoCCA members)

Kaiju Attacks the Afterparty

On Saturday night the party moves from the civil halls of the Puck Building, to the Dangerous MoCC Afterparty/ At 8pm, Kaiju Big Battel and Manual Comics will invade the R Bar on Bowery. This 21+ event (sorry kids) will be celebrating the release of Mauled! #4, and among the revelers will be some well known Kaiju monsters.

The Dangerous MoCCA Afterparty
Presented by Kaiju Big Battel & Manual Comics
When: Saturday, June 23rd, 8pm
Where: R Bar, 218 Bowery St., NYC
Party with actual Kaiju Monsters! Celebrate the release of Mauled! #4!

Kaiju Stuff at Super 7

The Kaiju Commissioner is proud to announce that Big Battel goods can now be purchased at Super 7 in San Francisco. In addition to Kaiju DVDs, Super 7 carries the entire line of Kaiju Faction T-shirt designs as well as assorted fun time items. So, for all you left coast Kaiju fans, be sure to swing by Super 7 the next time you are in SF's Japan Town. Be sure to tell Isaac that the Commish sent you. Coordinates: Super7 Store | 1628 Post Street | San Francisco, CA 94115

Kaiju Coming to San Diego Comic-Con

Kaiju Big Battel will be visiting San Diego this summer from July 26-29. While we're in town we'll be attending a young, upstart comic book convention called San Diego International Comic-Con. It's unclear how many people will show up for this under-the-radar con, but rest assured Kaiju will have a booth.

  • July 26-29 at San Diego Comic-Con
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