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Kaiju Big Battel
Sky Deviler Toys at Comic-Con

Only 100 Available!

Breaking News: More Better Fighto Released!

The long-awaited 3rd DVD from Kaiju Big Battel, More Better Fighto has arrived. With a total of 9 classic Battels, plus another too dangerous to talk about, this DVD packs in over 93 minutes of commercial free monster mayhem, all hosted by commentators Louden Noxious and his side-kick Beav from the safety of their submarine. There's also 26 minutes of bonus video, Dusto Bunny-brand Easter eggs, a Dr. Cube commentary track, Kaiju Fun Facts, stolen presents, a Referee Jingi impersonator, totally superfluous explosions, a flaming Danger Cage, a photo gallery of butter, a murdered comic nerd, a fan contest gone horribly, horribly wrong, a Sea Urchin beast riding a giant anvil into the depths of hell, over 50 character bios, and more!

Get your copy of More Better Fighto today!

Sky Deviler Toy to Make
U.S. Debut at Comic-Con

Kaiju HQ is abuzz with pre-Con excitement as the Kaiju Commissioner and his staff prepare for San Diego Comic-Con. A full delegation of Kaiju Big Battel monsters are heading to Ron Burgandy's hometown to add a little Danger to the frothing mix of comic fandom, hollywood spectacle, cosplay excellence, and uber-nerd awesomenicity. The Big Battel will be setting up shop in The Cultyard, home to the Con's best in contemporary art, design, collectible products, and monster mayhem. Kaiju luminaries including Dr. Cube will be roaming the Con and signing autographs at the Kaiju Booth (#4732), as will some well-known Kaiju HQ employees. There will also be plenty of Kaiju merch on hand, including some brand new items and con exclusives, including new apparel, prints, and more.

Of course, all the other stuff and junk going down at the Kaiju booth pales in comparison to the big kahuna - the exclusive US debut of Marmit's vinyl Sky Deviler toy! Previously available only by special order from Japan, 100 of these beautifully painted 22cm tall Sky Deviler vinyl toys, featuring the late great one-eyed space glutton, will be officially released at the Battel booth in San Diego. After months of prototypes, painting, and hard work, American fans will finally be able to take home Kaiju's first monster toy, produced in collaboration with Marmit, Japan's leading manufacturer of vinyl monster toys.

The Comic-Con is nothing if not an orgy of collecterism, so do not expect these beauties to last all weekend. Will you be lucky enough to get your hands on this limited edition collector's item, or will some Hollywood bigshot have his PA snatch them all up before you get yours? Don't chance it - get over to Booth #4732 as soon as you get in the door of the San Diego Convention Center to make sure you your Sky Deviler vinyl toy!

Kaiju Big Battel at San Diego Comic-Con
Where: San Diego Convention Center
When: July 26-29, Preview Night July 25
Booth: #4732 in the Cultyard
Tickets: Available at comic-con.org

It's Menko Time!

What if pogs, Jun Ken Po, Donruss, and fantasy football gave birth to a Kaiju lovechild? You would either get some sort of carboard statistical-genius mutant, or the Kaiju Big Battel Menko Trading Card Game. Menko is a traditional Japanese card game involving two or more players. It's fun for all ages! Opponents attempt to flip the other person's Menko card by striking it with his own or inflicting anguish with help from an evil gust of wind. Whoever winds up with the most cards wins the Menko battel. Will Vegetius topple Atomic Trooper Robo? Can Slo Feng overthrow Unibouzu? Only you can find out who will reign supreme in your own exclusive Menko combat matches! Click here for more information about this incredibly entertaining Japanese pastime, then buy a pack of Menko Cards in the Kaiju Mall.

Also new to the Kaiju Mall this week is a new Dr. Cube Lithograph. This poster pays homage to the country of origin of Kaiju, Japan, otherwise known as "The Land of the Rising Sun". Before the Chinese Sui Dynasty, Japan was known as "Hi no moto" or "the source of the sun." Today's Kanji for Japan, can mean "the sun's origin," referring to Japan's position East of China, "base of the sun", or "sunrise," as depicted in this precious lithograph. With only 300 copies available, now's your chance to showcase this red, white and blue masterpiece featuring who else but the prime evil of Kaiju Big Battel, Dr. Cube. Get one now for just $10.

Powa Ranjuru and SilPo - Hot and Heavy???

When we last left Powa Ranjuru, the evil Silver Potato was turning up the heat and moving in on the heroine (with a villainous agenda no doubt) and her drive-in date with Slo Feng. It seems the traitor tater wanted to take Powa back to his lair for a more starchy and intimate movie-watching experience. Back in the day, Silver worked as a clerk at Blockspudster Video, and snatched a few flicks over the years, including a pirated copy of Bruce Willis' forgotten masterpiece "Last Spud Standing." But the witty Potato wasn't just trying to mack on Powa and share some extra soggy buttered popcorn: He had invited her over to discuss his latest monster venture - a charity date auction, starring Powa herself.

Potato's pitch was simple: They'd invite all the Kaiju to make a bid on an evening out with the Belle of the Battel, and all proceeds would benefit a charity of Powa's choice. Powa was skeptical about Potato's intentions and suspected that he might try to rip her off, but she couldn't pass up a chance to raise some dough for her favorite charity, HHHHHHH (Heroes Helping Humans who Help Heroes to Help Humans). It took some twisting of her long leotarded arms, but Powa eventually agreed to the idea.

Powa also found herself considering another proposition. Maybe it was because the aluminum-clad spud smelled so much better than the hygiene-deficient Slo Feng. Maybe it was because of her long standing admiration for Potato's silver missile kicks and spudsaults. Or maybe it was because she refused to give up on love, but some part of Powa Ranjuru started to think that perhaps she could change Potato's evil ways.

Will Powa finally find romance in a rogue? Will she survive the battle for her undying love? Who will place the winning bid for Powa's heart? Answers to these questions and more, next week at kaiju.com.

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Call-Me-Kevin Tries Yoga

Incompetent, corrupt, and unabashedly mischievous, Call-Me-Kevin has had a hard time of things over the last few years. Still winless in his Kaiju career, Kevin has been carrying around a ton of stress in his fins, and his Doctor recently instructed him to seek a stress-relief solution before his blood pressure blew through the roof. With pharmacueticals out of his budget, and hot-tubs being a little to close to a clam bake, Kevin turned to the highly popular relaxation exercise called yoga. At his first session, the spiky Rogue tried to follow the teacher's instructions but found the exercises too strenuous and the breathing drills too hard to control. Lacking the requisite mental and physical strength, Kevin gave up on the Zen rituals and ran out of the yoga studio, bowling over a class full of leotard-clad Downward-Dogging women and children. Call-Me-Kevin ultimately reverted to his typical relaxation activities of using his muscles and brawn to kelp-kick and hook-line sink innocent bystanders on the streets of Atlantic City. So much for yoga... maybe he'll take up Tai Chi instead.

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