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Kaiju Big Battel

#1 Reason Not to Pass Out at a Concert

Pool Partied:
Minions Recruited

As a sea of hip young Brooklynites looked on, Dr. Cube and his Posse took the stage at McCarren Park Pool last month and launched into a recruitment speech that would have made Emperor Hirohito sign up for the U.S. Air Force. In between sets by Blonde Redhead, I'm from Barcelona, and The Coydogs, Cube's deadliest do-badders worked the crowd, handing out recruitment propaganda, pimping Posse merch, and schmoozing with impressionable hipsters. While his Minions scoured the crowd for potential recruits, Cube got his hands dirty backstage. By the end of the day, Silver Potato and the rest of the Posse had rounded up a pack of sun-baked, beer-drenched candidates for Minion-hood.

While Cube's recruitment effort was clearly a success, his motives remain unclear. Normally the sociopathetic scientist wouldn't waste his precious time recruiting in what he has previously dubbed "a backwards burrough full of bozos." The question then remains - why was Cube so keen on collecting recruits from the B.K.?

Sky Deviler Toys Sold Out!

It only took a matter of days for the new Sky Deviler Vinyl Toys to sell out of the Kaiju mall. While Japanese toy makers, Marmit, only had that small shipment planned for the U.S., the Commissioner will to whatever he can to secure a second batch for those fans left out in the dark.

Giii on Hunger Strike

The three-eyed space pirate with a taste for terror, Giii, was recently placed in captivity per order of the KRC. In protest of this imprisonment Giii has now launched a hunger strike from behind his holding cell's electrified bars. The notoriously destructive intergalactic bucanneer was captured by Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder this past spring and detained for terrorizing poor defenseless immigrant children, among other unspeakable crimes against humanity. In an apparent publicity stunt, Giii is now on the twelfth straight day of his hunger strike. Without food and water, Giii has wasted away to a gruesome image of his former self. Although Giii still has all three eyes, he's reported to have withered away to a virtual bag of fur and bones. The Kaiju Commissioner was unavailable for comment at the time of this report.

Pedro Marks Potato?

In an effort to avenge his twin brother's murder, Pedro Plantain has purportedly hired a group of rogue assassins to take out the evil Silver Potato. Many have protested this news, claiming that this uncharacteristically bad behavior is hardly appropriate for a leading Kaiju Hero. In fact, the Kaiju Commissioner has gone on the record saying that if this rumor is true, than the KRC will be forced to reclassify Pedro as a Kaiju Rogue and the Heroes ranks would lose yet another valuable fighter. Stay tuned!

Question of the Week

Where's the next NYC Battel gonna be at?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Space Bug Sighting

The blogotetrahedron is buzzing with news of this week's big Kaiju celebrity sighting. Last Thursday evening, Uchu Chu the Space Bug was seen entering the BB Medical Center with Mota Naru, Yarsumiko (Uchu's college roommate), and 120 female Swarm. The group of alien insects were escorting Uchu Chu to his doctor's appointment where he was receiving treatment for several persistent injuries sustained at the last Boston Big Battel. According to professional celebrity blogger, and future celebrity fry-cook, Perez Hilton, Uchu Chu had to be coerced into attending his appointment by Mota et al, after a recent royal jelly binge in which he swore off all medical treatment in favor of a homeopathic remedy of booze, cigars, and jelly.

New sticker packs

New full-color designs including, Sky Deviler, Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder, and Hell Monkey have been added to the Kaiju sticker packs. We dare you to buy a couple packs from the Kaiju Mall and stick them on the inside of your school locker.

Kaiju Anime Con World Tour

The Kaiju Anime Con Perpetual World Tour continues this December, with a visit to the Big Apple:

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email info@kaiju.com for more info.

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