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Kaiju Big Battel

Vegetius VS Hero Intern

The Kaiju San Diego Comic-con wrap up is coming next week, but for now check out this brand new video from last year's Anime Boston Big Battel. Featuring feral birtle Vegetius and the Hero In Training (H.I.T.), this video has high-flying attacks, bodacious building destruction, and one over-sized console controller.

If you like this mini-Kaiju video, you will want to pick up the brand new Kaiju DVD - More Better Fighto - shipping now!

Small Number of Sky Deviler Toys
Released in the U.S.

The new vinyl Sky Deviler toy from Marmit was a hit at Comic-con. Luckily for all the non-Con attending fans out there, the last batch of these vinyl masterpieces has just been released into the Kaiju Mall. Only a handful of these beautifully painted 22cm tall vinyl toys are in stock, so order your Sky Deviler Vinyl Toy today. Once they sell out they will only be available via import from Japan!

Karasawa Kaiju T

Japanese manga artist Nawoki Karasawa, world famous for his work in Figure King magazine, has teamed up with Kaiju Big Battel for a brand new limited edition T-Shirt. The Nawoki Karasawa Kaiju T-Shirt features Karasawa's three-color illustration of Referee Jingi, Silver Potato, Napalean, Slo Feng, and Call-Me-Kevin. This collectable shirt is limited to a mere 96 pieces and is destined to be an eBay classic!

Hoods Up!

The Zip Up Cube Hoodie is back by popular demand. Of course Kaiju HQ wasn't about to just redo the same old sweatshirt - the new and improved hoodie features the classic Cube design on a high-quality, winter-lined American Apparel hooded sweatshirts. These are the kind of sweatshirts that you can wear in four different seasons and never need a jacket! Sweet!

Sea Amigos Take on Giant Squid

The recent discovery of a giant squid off the coast of an Australian beach, caused quite a stir among The Sea Amigos. Upon hearing about the colossal kraken, Unibouzu, D.W. Cycloptopuss III, and Yoga expert Call-Me-Kevin set sail to the South Pacific to find out if the creature was friend or foe. Upon the Kaijus' arrival, the awfully large octopus (at a meter across, eight meters in length and weighing in at 606 pounds) pretended to be dead but the Sea Amigos saw past it's ruse.

Enraged by his arrogant possum playing, the Kaiju attacked the creature the best ways they knew how. Unibouzu gave the squid a couple cactus smacks and then laid into him with a round of pickle pricks and spike pile-drivers. D.W.C. III squished the squid with his smelly seaweed and put him in an eight-arm leg lock for a series of drunken noodle slaps. Call-Me-Kevin proceeded to do nothing, as usual, staring into space, and throwing in an occasional kelp kick or purple nurple when instructed to do so. In the end, the Australian squid really did lay dead at the feet of the Sea Amigo, and Unibouzu licked the squid for dessert. Seriously.

Commish Implements Secret Spy Program

After authorities in London deployed high-tech surveillance cameras everywhere around the city, conspiracy theorists and libertarians cries foul. Just imagine what they would say if they knew that the London cams were actually just a small part of the Kaiju Commissioner's new global Kaiju monitoring system. Across the world, Kaiju activity is now under the scrutiny of an omnipresent electronic eye. Thanks to Sentai Jin's newest invention, the CCTV Wireless Multi-Tap Ten Thousand, the Commissioner is now able to tap into any surviellance camera anytime, anywhere in the world.

The surveillance system is already detering mayhem in the most Dangerous neighborhoods across the globe. Vegetius has already been caught digging holes in the San Fernando Valley. Hopefully, this increased surveillance will stop Mota Naru from burning down buildings with his frontal solar flares and Gomi-man from spreading his filth to innocent bystanders.

Dr. Cube is particularly wary of this new technology and is afraid of the effect it will have on his devilish agendas and the success of his menacing Minions. Currently, he is working on his own personal spy system to counteract what he calls an "invasion of [his] privacy."

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Grab your Zinc Oxide:
It's a Pool Party!

Strap on your swimfins, grab a beach towel, and head over to the McCarren Park Pool* in Brooklyn this Sunday for the latest Pool Party featuring Blonde Redhead, I'm From Barcelona, The Coydogs, and The Rub DJs with special appearances by Kaiju Big Battel luminaries like Dr. Cube. The McCarren Park Pool Parties have become the event of the summer, and so far this year bands like Superchunk, Man Man, Erase Errata, Band of Horses, and TV on the Radio have already rocked legions of indie rockers. Joining the crowds will be Dr. Cube, and some other surprise Kaiju, who will mingle, dance, and generally just be chill pool party dudes. But don't worry about elevated Danger Levels - Pool Rules say "No Running", "No Diving", "No Fightos", and "No Batteling" allowed.

This Sunday's show will be headlined by Blonde Redhead, and is sure to be packed. While the show is free, you must RSVP to get in.

McCarren Pool Party
Curated by Pop Montreal and Noise Pop Festival
Featuring: Blonde Redhead, I'm From Barcelona, The Coydogs, The Rub DJs and Special Guests Kaiju Big Battel
When: Sunday August 5th, 2pm
Where: McCarren Park Pool, Brooklyn
Tickets: Free with RSVP
More Info: Pool Parties

* Warning: Don't dive in - McCarren Park Pool has been drained for ages.

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