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Kaiju Big Battel
Cube's Propaganda Spreads

Sign of the Times

Cube Bombs America

Dr. Cube's Posse bombarded major cites throughout North America this September with his latest propaganda campaign. Cube's latest effort to win the hearts and minds of the human race features the new and highly popular Commininonist motif. The message of Cube's newest campaign simply reads, "The Right Choice for Your Bright Future." According to KRC intelligence agents, stating this slogan, in conjunction with a secret Minion handshake will grant you entry into any Pro-Cube rally. To find your local rally visit a secluded grove or dark alley near you.

In celebration of his latest successful Minion recruitment efforts, Dr. Cube will give away a complimentary 4" Comminionist sticker with all Kaiju Mall orders in the next week.

Monkey Kidnapped

Dr. Cube's favorite and most trusted monster, Hell Monkey was kidnapped in broad daylight while picnicking with his lady friend this past Sunday afternoon. The one-eyed monkey from the dark side was zapped senseless by a gang of Sting Stick wielding Swarm troopers, then hooded with a Royal Jelly Bean burlap sack. Miraculously, Hell Monkey's date suffered only minimal swelling after countering the Sting Stick stings (or STSs), with the world's largest epi-pen. Within hours of the monkey abduction, Uchu Chu claimed responsibility for the kidnapping on a message board frequented by members of Team Space Bug. The Space Bug's message stated that Uchu wanted to exchange the satanic simian for Mota Naru, who has been a hostage of Cube's Posse since September 6th.

Cycloptopuss the Centerfold

The Kaiju Rogues have never been known for their modesty - in fact it's been calculated that at least 57% of their 328 collective Big Battel losses can be directly attributed to hot dogging, showing off, and playing to the crowd. So it comes as no surprise that octo-Rogue D.W. Cycloptopuss III has posed for a photo spread in the next issue of Playcephalopod. During a star-studded photo shoot off the coast of Japan, D.W. mugged for the camera along with fellow marine model, Giant Squid. While D.W.'s photos have yet to appear in print, the Giant Squid's have already begun to appear on many websites of ill repute, including hotsquidaction.net and nationalgeographic.com.

Win Mota's Arm

There is still time to win Mota Naru's severed arm, so enter Dr. Cube's Essay Contest today. Simply tell Dr. Cube why he is great and why he should give you the arm in 50 words or less. The most convincing essay wins. Dino Kang Jr., will pick the winner. Email your essays to contest@kaiju.com by September 30th.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

New Hero Initiative to Save Commish

The Kaiju Commissioner has responded to the recent criticism from Kaiju fans around the world by announcing a new Hero initiative. Although the announcement did not provide specific details, the top secret plan will be launched in early October in an effort to curb the growing threat of both Dr. Cube's Posse and Team Space Bug. Kaiju analysts and fans alike are debating potential initiatives. One popular theory is the introduction of a brand new Hero, while another points to a ground-breaking technology such as the Segway Human Transporter: Deluxe Hurricane Evac Edition. Nonetheless, everyone agrees that for the sake of the CommissionerŐs approval rating, it better be more than a new goodwill campaign. Otherwise, the Commissioner could be faced with a possible impeachment.

Question of the Week

How much Sky Deviler meat can the Japanese eat?

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