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Kaiju Big Battel
Cube Kicks Teppen at the All Good Battel

Half Good, Half Evil

All Good Battel Video

It took the Kaiju Regulatory Commission video crew almost two months to find their way back to KRC HQ from the All Good Music Festival. Tales of mudslides (the dirt kind, not the booze kind), heat stroke, lightening storms, bad trips, and unpaid travel reimbursements have been clouded by the fog of the summer music festival circuit, but the event trailer has finally been posted. Click here to see what a lost weekend ala Kaiju Big Battel looks like, complete with the Kaiju Big Ring, Dr. Cube, Neo Teppen, Uchu Chu, and the return of long lost Hero Powa Ranjuru!

Dr. Cube Captures Mota Naru

Team Space Bug's molten monster, Mota Naru, has fallen into the clutches of Dr. Cube, following a failed espionage mission. Mota was gathering information about where Cube had hidden the egg of the late Sky Deviler (as stolen on the Shocking Truth DVD, but his mission was foiled when he fell into a pit of sleeping Minions. Dr. Cube's Posse is now holding Mota prisoner, and Cube issued the following demand:

"Unless you want some more monster meat courtesy of Mota Naru, you have better hand over the baby egg instructions. Do not try to rescue your pathetic lava lad or he will be awarded a fate far worse than death. I have included proof of my sincerity."

The "proof" was nothing less than a ghastly image of Mota Naru's severed arm.

Despite this escalation of Posse-Space Bug hostilities, the Kaiju Commissioner is confident that the general public has nothing to fear. "Let these two evil do-ers fight it out," said the Commissioner this week. "Maybe we will be lucky and there will be one less scoundrel on the Big Battel block when they're finished." Despite the Commissioner's assessment, Kaiju analysts are concerned that we are witnessing the beginning of a new era of evilness in Kaiju Big Battel.

Dear Kaiju Commissioner

Is there going to be another kaiju big battel dvd? And if so when is it coming out? kaiju big battel hasn't come to my town yet and I cant get enough monster bashing action!

big kaiju fan,
Jeff bello

Dear Mr. Bello:

Thank you for your interest in Kaiju Big Battel. It pleases me that your enthusiasm for "monster bashing action" is so high. Yes, there will be another Kaiju Big Battel DVD. It is called, More Better Fighto and will be released in the winter of 2006.

As for when Kaiju Big Battel will come to your town, that is very tough to say considering you did not tell me where you live. Ever since Dr. Cube won the Championship Belt he seems to have taken a break from launching any major evil offenses against humanity. Nonetheless, Louden, myself and the rest of the Kaiju Regulatory Commission have been very busy and hope to make some exciting announcements about the future of Kaiju by the end of the month.

Don't give up the hope of defeating Dr. Cube in your hometown, where ever that may be.

Your Friend,
Kaiju Commissioner

Kaiju Quote

"For the safety of the Japanese people, we are happy to translate and release Shocking Truth in time for Christmas."

--The Kaiju Commissioner on his decision to partner with Gakken Co., LTD. to release Shocking Truth in Japan.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Random Select Fan Contest

Each of the following selections describes a randomly selected Kaiju Big Battel fighter. Guess the identity of all 8, and you will be entered into a drawing to win the following random prizes - Kaiju Fan Book by ToK from Japan, a Referee Jingi Moustache, and a tiny barrel of Gomi-man play sludge. Submission deadline is September 16th. Good luck! Email answers to contest@kaiju.com.

1. Although this beast looks nothing like a dog, it behaves as if it were a pizza-crazed starving dog. He gets along with no one and would rather make trouble than friends.

2. When you see these foot soldiers around you can be sure that Dr. Cube is nearby. These mindless henchmen are so dumb that they donÕt even wear gloves when they are doing Dr. Cube's evil dirty work.

3. This Hero has more moves than any dancing fool known to man. If he spent more time training to fight instead of dancing he might just be worthy of his fashionable outfit.

4. This monster was once a terrible smell-type mutant of Dr. Cube. Although it disappeared some time ago, the Heroes still pack gas masks every time Dr. Cube attacks from up wind.

5. This stout monster is fat, slow and ugly but can still hurt humans and Heroes. This ogreÕs left hand and mouth piece are super scarier.

6. This clam scented monster smells very bad, but he is still a card carrying member of the Sea Amigos. His 12 appendages are more dangerous than a summer monsoon!

7. This monster fools everyone into thinking that he is a member of Team Space Bug, but he is really a spy for Dr. Cube's Posse.

8. This monster is the most hungry fighter in Kaiju Big Battel. He has eaten everything from Dino Kang Jr.'s arm to a boatload of watermelons in glass jars. Watch your lunchbox when he is near!

Louden Noxious Endorsed Event

Mimoco and Giant Robot New York invite you to celebrate the arrival of mimobot designer toy flash memory drives on Friday, Sept. 9th at GRNY - 437 E. 9th St. (between 1st Ave. & Ave. A in the East Village). From 6 to 10p, super-designer Yahid Rodriguez (Mexico) will sign his Cosmos Series creations, while DJ DB (NYC, London), whose mix is loaded onto Cosmos Series mimobots, will spin for the occasion! Plus many chances to win a mimobot plush designed exclusively for the launch by Shawnimal Smith (Chicago).

For more info, please visit Mimoco or Giant Robot New York.

Question of the Week

What is Yuki's real name?

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