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Kaiju Big Battel
Grudyin vs Ninja

They're gonna kill that poor woman!

Super Kaiju Manga Madness~!

It's here! Kind of! As promised last week, we've got your first look at the new Kaiju Manga with an exclusive look at the prelude to the upcoming set by Jeremy Arambulo, and it's a doozy. It's 23 pages, hot off the presses. Don't rub it; you'll smudge the ink. It's that new. Click here to see it in all its black and white glory!

If 23 action-packed pages aren't enough for you, don't worry; we've got the rest coming soon. But really, 23 pages should be more than enough for you right now. If we gave you any more, we're pretty sure your head would explode from the sheer radness of it all, and if that happened, you wouldn't even be able to read the rest of it. So stay tuned for more as it comes!

Kaiju Saves Christmas at POP Euphoria

Studio Kaiju Creative Mastermind Randy Borden, along with plenty other awesome artists who share your love for all things Kaiju Big Battel, are teaming up to help out Toys For Tots for Modus Lotus' POP Euphoria show at Arts Worcester. In addition to plenty of incredible Kaiju-inspired artwork, there'll be works from artists all over the world for sale, with proceeds benefiting Toys for Tots. It's a noble cause, and an even cooler way to buy some awesome Kaiju artwork to cover your walls with.

Modus Lotus presents POP Euphoria
Charity Art Exhibition to benefit Toys for Tots
December 6th, 2008 - January 17th, 2009
Arts Worcester, 660 Main Street at the Aurora, Worcester, MA 01610
Visit Modus Lotus for more details!

Kaiju to Invade Miami at Kaiju Monster Invasion

Kaiju Hero Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder and Cube's Posse member Shrooma Tango aren't going to be carpooling any time soon, but the two have found themselves headed to Miami at the same time for the Kaiju Monster Invasion. Although the event isn't an actual Kaiju Big Battel-sanctioned show, Boulder and Shrooma Tango will be present along with plenty of other notable monsters from other fantastic companies.

"I ain't gettin' on no plane, sucka!" said Boulder, who is still recovering from his near-fatal injuries earlier this summer in Podunk, Idaho. "And I ain't fittin' on no bus, neither. Normally I can stomp my way to wherever I want to go, but on account of that Rainbow Munch Dr. Cube tryin' to kill me, I have to rent eight helicopters to carry me! Eight!"

Boulder, as you may recall, was locked in a meat locker in Podunk, Idaho by Cube, causing his pipes to freeze and burst. After multiple surgeries and excavations, the Kaiju Hero is just now starting to resume walking. But being towed by eight helicopters, besides being incredibly expensive, also takes more time than usual because of increased air traffic around the Thanksgiving season. Needless to say, Cube was wise to send a lackey like Shrooma Tango to Miami instead of himself, since Boulder doesn't seem like someone who drops grudges very easily. But will Boulder dance the Fungicidal Flamenco with Shrooma Tango instead? Better get to Miami and find out!

Kaiju Monster Invasion
December 3rd, 2008 - January 4th, 2009
Harold Golen Gallery at Art Center of South Florida
800 Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Free Admission~!
Visit Kaiju Monster Invasion and Harold Golen Gallery for more details!

Buy the More Better Fighto DVD

Battel Buyback Still in Full Effect!

Trying to find a holiday gift for the Kaiju Fan who already has everything? Did you buy a ticket to one of the cancelled California Big Battels? Well the Kaiju Commissioner has got you covered! As announced last week, send your unused ticket from last month's aborted San Francisco or Los Angeles shows to Kaiju HQ, and you'll get a copy of our brand now, top-secret, never-before-seen Battel bootleg DVD, which is not available for sale in any store! Can't you see that we are serious? Mail your tickets to:

    Attn: Bootleg DVD Offer
    Studio Kaiju
    22 Kent St.
    Somerville, MA 02143

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Call-Me-Kevin's Blackmail Plot is a Bust

Former Sea Amigo Call-Me-Kevin's attempts at blackmailing his former parters has gotten him nowhere so far, according to sources close to the unlikely former Kaiju Champion. After hiring a private investigator a few months ago, the investigation has turned up little to no dirt.

"It's not looking good," a source with knowledge of the investigation said. "The only things they've learned is that Unibouzu likes to drink soda and Cycloptopuss' car is green. And neither of those are really earth-shattering revealations." But sources say Kevin will press on and stay the course, as he is sure the remaining Amigos have done at least one shady dealing behind the cameras of Kaiju Big Battel's crack video staff. "I mean, they're bad guys. They're jerks. I don't know what else he's looking for."

Question of the Week

Were Dr. Cube, Chris Hero and Hell Monkey spotted together in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn on Halloween night?

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