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Kaiju Big Battel

Beav at Anime Boston

Kaiju Big Battel is fresh off a bi-coastal con-splosion, having invaded both Anime Boston and San Francisco's Alternative Press Expo (A.P.E.) in one weekend. Among the Kaiju luminaries who appeared at Anime Boston was Kaiju co-host Beav Wallace. Beav was all over the Con, crashing panels, interviewing new Kaiju Hero Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder, pestering cos-players, freaking out about the City of Baltimore, and generally making a spectacle of himself. Check out this brand new Beav at Anime Boston video for all the highlights.

New Kaiju Faction Shirts Debut

One of the highlights of the Con weekend was the debut of the brand new Kaiju Faction T-Shirt and Girlie-T line. Designed by Vinnie Arnone, each of these new shirts features the entire roster of one Kaiju Faction. All the evil-doers and evil-doer-lovers out there can choose from the red Dr. Cube's Posse Faction T-Shirt, the green Team Space Bug Faction T-Shirt, or the orange The Rogues Faction T-Shirt. Of course if you're not completely evil you'll want to pick up the powder blue Heroes Faction T-Shirt. All of the Faction shirts are printed on high quality American Apparel T-shirts (S,M,L,XL), and are also available as Girlie-Ts.

The crown jewel of the new Faction line though, is the Super Limited Edition Humans Faction T-Shirt. For the first time ever, human Kaiju stars Referee Jingi, Louden Noxious, the Beav, the Kaiju Commissioner, and the Salbinos have their own shirt! This gold American Apparel T-Shirt/Girlie-T is only available as part of the Fashion Faction T-Shirt Pack and Fashion Faction Girlie-T Pack. Each pack gets you one of each Faction shirt, including the ultra-rare Humans T!

Hello Zombie Plantain

We all wish we could get the horrible image of a zombified Pablo Plantain attacking his surviving twin, the Heroic Pedro Plantain, but no matter where we turn there's a reminder - the Zombie Plantain on the new Dr. Cube's Posse Faction T-Shirt, that rotten banana we saw at the corner bodega, and now, the new Hello Zombie Plantain Kaiju bio. This brand new Kaiju bio has all the facts on Cube's latest abomination of nature, including a detailed peek into it's horrific origin. Read up now, so you can be ready when the Zombie Plantain comes for your brain!

Kaiju Goes APE

The city of San Francisco was rocked last weekend when Kaiju crashed the annual Alternative Press Expo. The Kaiju Commissioner thought it would be a good idea to set up shop at the con to meet with West Coast Kaiju experts in an effort to gain insight into the mellower California style of containing Kaiju aggression. Local experts Super7, Hi Fructose, Narwhal Creative, Strangeco, Gama-Go, and Joe Alterio offered invaluable advice regarding Robots, Monsters, and T-Shirt designs. Apparently, the Commissioner wasn't the only one looking to broaden his horizons, as unexpected appearances by Dai Hachi Hachi and Giii the Space Pirate proved. Although the Kaiju were relatively subdued, they certainly scared the heck out of a bunch of expo-goers and Art Spiegelman, but curiously didn't faze the humans from Girls and Corpses.

After the Kaiju were ejected from the expo on a technicality (having the wrong lanyards on their passes), they showed up at the opening of the new SF location of Gallery 1988 where some real monster mayhem ensued. Although the Kaiju's motives were unclear as they milled about the crowd, casually taking photos with fans. The Commissioner was called in to moderate, but not before a scuffle outside resulted in a felled parking meter. The estimated damage was $250, until a crew of ruffians absconded with the meter, upping the estimate to $600.25, mostly in quarters. This pales in comparison to the last skirmish between these two Kaiju, where they felled a parking garage resulting in $1,125,000.75 in damage.

Check out all the Party mayhem in this excellent Flickr photo set, Kaiju at APE,SF by our good friends at Narwhal Creative.

Question of the Week

Didn't Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder read last month's news?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Otaku Con Callout

Do you have Kaiju fan photos from Anime Boston or APE? Email them to submit@kaiju.com for a chance to be this month's Otaku Fan King!

Which Shirt is the Best?

So now that you've seen all the new Kaiju Factions T-Shirts and Girlie-Ts, there's an important question - which one is the best? Kaiju.com posed that very question to some well-known Kaiju personalities:

"The Heroes shirt is a fitting tribute to those paragons of virtue, the Kaiju Heroes. Also baby blue goes well with my favorite tie."
- Kaiju Commissioner

"I've ordered my Minions to seize a dozen of the Space Bug Faction Girlie-Ts - they'll make fitting diapers for Baby Sky Deviler, once he is returned to me, his rightful father."
- Dr. Cube

"Hey! Look Louden! It's Me!!!! On a T-Shirt!!!"
- Beav Wallace

"Would it be vain to say that the Humans T-Shirt, featuring yours truely, is the best? It would? Well in that case, I guess I like them all equally, but since the Humans Girlie-T features my mug, it's pretty safe to say the ladies will be lining up to get one."
- Louden Noxious

"Burrrrrppp"- The Grudyin, after eating his official Posse Faction T-Shirt

Kaiju Con Screening This Weekend

There's one more stop on the Kaiju Anime Con World Tour schedule this weekend. Visitors to SyndiCon 2006 will be treated to a sneak preview of the upcoming More Better Fighto DVD:

  • May 5-6 at SyndiCon 2007 in Valparaiso, IN

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email eric@kaiju.com for more info.

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