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Kaiju Big Battel
Fan Costume

Nice cape. Dude.

Intern Hero Search Over

After reviewing millions of applications, the Kaiju Regulatory Commission has selected Walter "Wally" Wallace of NYC as the Hero Intern. "Walter's all-American looks, intelligence, and do-gooding heart make him a natural Hero Intern", stated the Kaiju Commissioner. The Commissioner would not comment on allegations of nepotism in light of the fact that Walter Wallace is the brother of Kaiju commentator, Beav Wallace. The KRC has awarded Wally a Heroic looking state-of-the-art helmet and the young intern is excited to start his training with American Beetle next Monday morning. The Hero Intern's first lesson will be How to Beat Call-Me-Kevin in Less than Two Minutes.

Uchu Feared Dead

Space Bug leader, Uchu Chu, is feared dead after his alien insect sonar pulse stopped emitting earlier this week. Uchu was captured by Dr. Cube during a failed attempt to rescue Mota Naru and has been held by the Posse ever since. Uchu Uchu's offspring, The Swarm, have been behaving very strangely and are believed to be mourning the death of their father. Dr. Cube could not be reached for comment and therefore could neither confirm nor deny this rumor. In the event that Uchu Chu has died, Mung Wun the Thai Fly would be next in line to be the leader of the dwindling Team Space Bug.

Japanese Kaiju Fan Book

Can you say "awesome comic" in Japanese? This 32 page black and white manga book by ToK is imported all the way from Japan. Although not in English, this Japanese Kaiju Fanbook is as cool as it gets. Follow the action of Kaiju favorites Silver Potato, Sky Deviler, Neo Teppen, and Dr. Cube. The Kaiju Mall has a very limited supply of these Japanese imports, so buy while you can. Only 500 Yen, that's $5 for you Gaijin!

Also, be sure to check out the Kaiju Mall for these recent additions:

Question of the Week

Where can we get some cheap suitcases, quick?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Dear Dr. Cube

Good evening, your wicked-ness. I would like for you to know that I am telling many people about you and convincing them to pledge themselves to you. I am going to dress up as you for Halloween as well. I hope that I have not disturbed you in any way, shape, or form by e-mailing you. I just wish to show you my support and that one day I hope you do take over.


Dear Stephanie:

I am pleased to hear that you didn't choose to dress up as a green banana for Halloween and that you demonstrated good taste and support for Dr. Cube's Posse by dressing up as me instead. I hope you weren't persecuted for doing so. I know those Kaiju Heroes and their supporters can be a cruel bunch.

In celebration of your dedication to spreading the word of Cube, all online Kaiju Mall orders over $10 in the next 7 days will receive 50 full color vinyl Dr. Cube Comminionist stickers. These will certainly help you spread the word of Dr. Cube in your neighborhood.

Now get back to recruiting your friends and family. And remember, Dr. Cube is the right choice for your bright future.

-Dr. Cube

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