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Kaiju Big Battel
Salbino Industries

Here comes the money!

Salbino Industries Goes Public

In a story that has long-term ramifications for the future of Kaiju Big Battel but is also incredibly boring, Salbino Industries has become a publicly-traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. While we here at Kaiju.com don't pretend to know anything about how the stock market works, we're willing to take a guess based on what we've seen on TV.

What we do know is that the move signals the end of Anthony Salbino's long tenure as majority owner of the company. While he remains a shareholder and is still the company's chairman, the corporation's success and failure is now tied to the strength of the economy and the faith of the consumer, which Salbino thinks will lead him to big bucks.

"It's all good, my man," said Salbino in a press conference. "For the last few years, my cousin Andy and his cousin Nick have done a great job with all the dirty work while I sit on my yacht and relax. And with this move, I expect that to continue."

Salbino, who hasn't been seen at a Kaiju Big Battel event in many years, initially rose to fame and fortune after securing the exclusive rights with the Kaiju Commissioner to rebuild cities after monster destruction. The Kaiju Commissioner was unavailable for comment, but experts believe that the move to the Nikkei is a no-brainer and should result in big money for all involved. Stay tuned for more developments.

Kaiju Unsubstantiated Rumor Mill

Here at Kaiju.com, we take great pride in our reporting. We go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we get all the facts and relay them in a fair and balanced manner. We report, you decide. However, sometimes we recieve anonymous tips that can't be proven, or we just don't feel like doing the research. In instances like this, we print the rumors here and await angry calls from lawyers.

  • Witnesses say Sea Amigo Unibouzu was seen leaving a New Year's party with a spicy blonde named Spice. According to numerous reports, Uni had been hitting on her taller, thinner sister, but settled for less. Rumor has it Spice talks way too much and is really annoying.
  • After last week's announcement of the Double Danger Tandem Tournament to determine a number one contender, speculation is running wild as to who will be teaming with whom. One rumor has linked Dino Kang Jr. with the Hawaiian Paddler Tadd Bradley, although the source claims he has no real evidence to back it up, only that "it would be awesome if they did".
  • Kaiju Hero Slo Feng may be needing a second job soon after reportedly losing thousands of dollars over this past weekend's upset of the 12-4 Indianapolis Colts by the 8-8 San Diego Chargers. Slo Feng was not known as much of a gambler in the past, but sources tell Kaiju.com to forget what they think and listen to them instead, because these stories are much jucier than the truth.

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Sun Buster Unhappy with Rookie Snub

While fans are still slowly recovering from last week's breathtaking Kaiju Best of 2008 Year End Awards ceremony, some Kaiju Heroes and foes are still getting over their heartbreaking losses. But one Hero isn't just upset he didn't win; he wants to know why he wasn't on the ballot!

Sun Buster made his first apperance in a Kaiju ring under that name in February, 2008 in New York. But Sun Buster used to be the original Hero Intern, who has fought for the Kaiju Heroes for many years. Buster claims it doesn't matter; he deserved to be on the ballot for best newcomer anyway.

"Nevermind that I'm pretty sure I would've won anyway, but it's ridiculous," said Sun Buster, who is almost fully recovered from his injury last year. "When baseball players first make it to the majors, it doesn't matter that they've been playing for their whole lives; it doesn't count 'til they make the big leagues. Same thing here. This injury rehab is expensive; I could've used that reward money." After being informed there was no reward money, Buster eventually decided he wasn't as upset as he was before.

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