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Kaiju Big Battel
Tandem Tournament

Grab a Partner and Dosey Doe!

Tandem Tourney Time!

Although it's still technically 2008, and we've spent the last few weeks looking back at one of the busiest years in Kaiju history, it's just about time to start looking ahead to 2009. When the Sea Amigos were announced as the #1 contenders for the Double Danger Tandem Titles, a few teams were not pleased. Considering the Amigos had only won an impromptu handicapped fighto against Call-Me-Thurston, many felt the two creatures were underqualified for the big title shot.

It wasn't the first controversy surrounding the Tandem Titles this year. The Kaiju Hero team of Neo Teppen and American Beetle started off the year in control of the belts, with big wins over Space Bug teams of Uchu Chu and Yarsminko and later Dai Hachi Hachi and Yarsminko. But in Podunk, Idaho, Los Platanos interfered in the middle of a Tandem Title defense against Dr. Cube's Furious Furries. And while disqualification rules tend to be a little lax in the Kaiju Big Ring, obscure Idaho Athletic Commission rules stated that DQs resulted in a complete title change!

Since that moment, the Tandem Belts have been in the mangled claws of The Grudyin and Tucor. What started as a fluke reign, however, turned very real when Cube's beasts crippled Jeremiah the Pink Teddy Bear in Brooklyn. And while Super Wrong and Dusto Bunny want another shot for revenge, there's plenty of teams who feel they deserve the shot more. Therefore, the Kaiju Regulatory Commission has announced a tournament to determine the best team suited for the title shot. More details will be coming as the month goes on, so stay tuned for Kaiju.com for more!

Awards Announcement Pushed Back

Good things come to those who wait, and what's better than the Kaiju Best of 2008 Year End Awards? While we're well aware we said the results were going to be posted today, we didn't count on getting as many votes as we did! All our counting computers are working overtime to tally the votes, and four of them caught viruses from a hilarious chain e-mail that just happened to be infected.

The fact is, computers are very complex. Many algorithms and formulas and equations go into the simplest things you may take for granted. Computers are tools for us, but they are also our friends. And much like any friend, if you work them too hard, they will become your enemy. And we all know how dangerous robots can be. So at the risk of overworking our tallying devices, we're giving them a little break.

So you're probably saying to yourself, "Dear God, I can't wait for these awards any longer! I think I'll die from the anticipation!" Well, don't die. That's not nearly a good enough reason to miss these awards. So when are we announcing the Year-End awards? Next year, of course! So check back on Thursday, January 1st, 2009. That's New Year's Day. We recommend going to bed early the night before so the morning comes quicker. And hey, what a great opportunity to try the Kaiju RSS feed! We told you not everything would come on a Monday. Why didn't you believe us?

Question of the Week

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Giii Attempts Exchange Scheme, Rebuffed

Giii the Space Pirate, noted Kaiju Rogue and greedy dirtbag, was escorted out of a local Electronics Bouquet this past Friday after an unsuccessful attempt at return fraud. Giii, who earlier this month attempted to scam a blood drive, has stepped up his money-making efforts in light of the poor economy.

"Very unprofessional service, matey," said Giii afterwards. "I hate buying games from that place anyway, since the employees always pass judgement on the games you be gettin' and makin' their snide little comments on everything, but this took the cake." Reports say that Giii attempted to return games like "Wizard Knights 2: Sorceror Nights on Miami Beach" and "Freddy Mitchell's Pro Football Action 2002" for full cash value.

The issue, however, is that "Wizard Knights 2" was released four years ago and sold seventeen copies nationwide. It can currently be found in bargain bins in most convenience stores across the country selling for $3.00 or less. And "Mitchell 02" has since been replaced by much more recent games in the series, including "Mitchell 03" and "Mitchell 03 Turbo Hyper Fighting Championship Edition", making the 2002 iteration worth close to nothing. Despite once being sold at $60 each, the games are worth close to nothing now, and without a receipt, Giii was denied his big score once again.

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