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Kaiju Big Battel

It's a Kaiju Big Apple Blackout!

Kaiju Big Battel Escapes to New York

The Kaiju Commissioner is pleased to announce the first Battel of 2008. The upcoming Big Battel, dubbed "New York Blackout" will go down at Webster Hall in NYC on Saturday, February 9th. This night of live monster mayhem will showcase Kaiju favorites, Steam-Powered Tentacle Boulder, Call-Me-Kevin, Uchu Chu, and Dr. Cube plus 45 blocks of crushable cityscape primed for destruction.

The night's line up of giant city-crushing monsters will be announced online leading up to the big night, so be sure to keep visiting kaiju.com for weekly updates. Meanwhile, secure your place at Webster Hall, by getting tickets today at ticketmaster.com or any Ticketmaster location.

Kaiju Big Battel: New York Blackout
When: Saturday, February 9th 2008. 7PM doors. 8PM show.
Where: Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St., Manhattan, NY
Tickets: All Ticketmaster locations and ticketmaster.com. $20. This is a 16+ event.

By Popular Demand

In response to popular demand, the Webster Hall Big Battel will be open to anyone age 16 and over.

The Hero Intern Has a Hero Name!

The following is a partial transcript from the New Your Blackout press conference, revealing the Hero Intern's new Heroic Name: "... Yes, I know it is a brilliant idea. I came up with it. [laughter] Oh, wait a minute. What's this? [chatter] I have just been handed a manila envelope. It appears as if it contains the last of the former Hero Intern's paper work, including his new name. Please, just give me a moment to open this up here. [papers shuffling] Hmm... he really didn't have to laminate this. Let me just see here. Social security number, emergency contact, health insurance provider, history of ailments... AHA! Official Kaiju Hero Name! The former Hero Intern will now be known as... is this right? Hey Leroy, come over here. I don't have my glasses on. What? It is right? Well, of course this is right. Ladies and gentlemen, say goodbye to Hero Intern and give a warm welcome to Kaiju's newest Hero, Sun Buster!

Contender Contest

The Commissioner is busy fine tuning the details of his latest live Big Battel, and thus he has decided to hold yet another contest to determine the next number one contender for the Kaiju Championship Belt. This time, however, the only eligible entrants are active members of the Kaiju Big Battel roster! Sorry monstermaniac! Every fighter is encouraged to present as many ideas as they would like on how to go about crowing a new challenger to Call-Me-Kevin's coveted Kaiju Championship by Saturday, January 12th, 2007 at 11:59 PM EST. The following day, the Kaiju Commissioner will meet briefly with the Kaiju Regulatory Commission and select the top three ideas, which will then be posted weekly on kaiju.com. A poll will be set up a week before the New York Blackout event on the Kaiju Message Board and you, the bloodthirsty patrons of urban annihilation, will decide which idea will be executed at Webster Hall on Feb 9th.

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A Revolutionary Idea

During the Kaiju Commissioner's 2008 State of Kaiju Address earlier today, the powerful peacemaker not only announced the New York Blackout event, but also hinted at a revolutionary new type of Fighto that will be unveiled at Webster Hall. While details are still sketchy, it appears the Commissioner intends to "revolutionize the live monster wrestling industry." Speculation is now running rampant in the Kaiju community, fueled by the Commish's cryptic statement that "I can't get into it at the moment, but I will let you all know that my plan involves a darkened cube." Is it possible that the Kaiju Commissioner, desperate to eliminate the dangers of Big Battel has aligned himself with Dr. Cube? If you have any inkling as to what the Commissioner's brilliant idea is, feel free to drop us a line at info@kaiju.com.

Kaiju Anime Con World Tour

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email info@kaiju.com for more info.

Question of the Week

Who will be on the wheels of steel at New York Blackout?

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