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Kaiju Big Battel
Wanted - The Iron Brothers

On a Steel Horse He Rides...

Pedro Rumors True
Reclassified as Rogue

Whenever a Big Battel approaches, the rumor mills start to churn out of control. Some of these rumors are more absurd than others - and therefore, we at the Kaiju News bureau don't pay them much creed, but sadly the recent rumor concerning Pedro Plantain has been discovered to be completely true. The much-loved Hero has indeed hired the vicious mercenaries known as The Iron Brothers to kill Silver Potato, the rotten traitor who killed Pedro's brother Pablo at the 2006 Someone Must Die! Battel. Pedro has reportedly paid the lethal legends 500 gold doubloons up front to complete the job. In repsone, the Kaiju Commissioner was left with no choice but to reclassify Pedro as a Rogue and declare that he will no longer be welcome at Hero social events or be able to access the Heroes' gold-plated locker room.

The Iron Brothers, as you are no doubt aware, are mercenaries that even Dr. Cube's Posse fears. Together, the terrible threesome includes Brother Claw, Brother Fist, and Brother Mace. They are infamous for their malice and are often referred to as "The Triangle of Death". They have killed thousands but they don't think it too many and spitefully warn, "Anyone that gets in the way of a job... we will gladly kill for free".

Will The Iron Brothers carry out their lethal mission at the upcoming More Better Fighto Battel in Brooklyn? To find out, get your tickets today!

Kaiju Big Battel: More Better Fighto
When: Friday, November 9th, 2007. 8PM doors, 9PM show.
Where: The Warsaw, 261 Driggs. Ave. Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets: $20 advance, $23 day of show. Available at all Ticketmaster locations and online at Ticketmaster.com

Announced Matches:
Championship Belt Battel: ? vs ?
Super Wrong vs Silver Potato
Dusto Bunny vs Giii the Space Pirate
Hero Intern vs Tucor
Open Challenge: Steam Powered Tentacle Boulder vs All Comers

Stay tuned for in the coming weeks as more Battels are announced, and additional Battel secrets are revealed!

Tournament Podfighto Coverage

Check out all the highlights of Round One of the 32-monster "Uncontrolled Destiny" tournament to crown the top two contenders for the Kaiju Championship Belt, in Louden Noxious' newest episode of the Kaiju Podfighto. Louden runs down the entire first round, and takes a phone call Lucas from Nashville!

Download this Episode of the Podfighto
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CMJ Party I with Brooklyn Vegan

Kaiju Big Battel will be hanging out with Brooklyn Vegan (no relation to Vegan Vampire) on Friday October 19th at R Bar - a new-ish bar & venue on the Lower East Side that features fancy red decor, large photos of Debbie Harry on the wall, and stripper poles. It's going to be awesome... and classy.

Kaiju at Brooklyn Vegan's CMJ Party
Where: R Bar is located at 218 Bowery
When: Party is between 12noon and 7pm

Hero Intern Accepts Challenge

In an unexpected turn of events the Hero Intern has accepted Dr. Cube's open challenge to fight his newest creation, Tucor. The beast has yet to be seen by anyone, but some reports state that Cube has not even finished the beast and that he may be having trouble with certain technical aspects of the project. Dr. Cube vehemently denies all such stories and called them "nothing but smear tactics and jealousy of his greatness." As a result of the Intern's bravery, the Kaiju Commissioner has agreed to make him a full fledged Hero if he defeats Tucor, and passes his steroid test.

War of Words Escalates into Fisticuffs

The recent war of words between Super Wrong and Silver Potato came to blows last saturday night at the Jersey City Roller Disco. Police reports state that "A dance off replete with much taunting and malicious name callin' got outta control as the two went at each other. Several bystanders were injured before Referee Jingi burst out of a disco ball and got them to agree to settle it in the ring. No files were charged and all parties left without insident." [sic]

The Kaiju Commissioner has verified the police report and added an officially sanctioned Fighto between the two at the November 9th Battel in New York.

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Just Posted

In honor of next month's Big Battel, the Kaiju Commissioner invited famed comic artist Brian Wood to design a rad, three-color silk-screen More Better Fighto Battel Print. These hand-numbered, hand-printed, high quality posters are limited to a mere 100 prints and will be gone before you know it, so get your copy now in the Kaiju Mall.

Kaiju is Sketchy

Kaiju Big Battel's appearance last weekend at Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School was a smashing success with Vegetius, Pedro Plantain, and a mysterious newcomer sharing the modeling duties with burlesque beauty Pandora. Beyond the poses and sketches however, controversy lurked. According to the City of New York's Bureau of Child Labor - Baby Monster Division, the appearance of Baby Sky Deviler at the event was a clear violation of municipal decency laws. The Bureau has launched a full investigation into how the Baby Deviler was allowed to participate, and the probe is currently focusing on guardian (and recent Kaiju Champion) Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle. When reached for comment, the killer Can, mumbled something about "the birds and the bees," before slicing a reporter's microphone in two.

Kaiju Anime Con World Tour

The Kaiju Anime Con Perpetual World Tour continues this December, with a visit to the Big Apple:

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email info@kaiju.com for more info.

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