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Kaiju Big Battel
Hero Intern

The H.I.T. Returns

Hero In Training Returns

Just 9 months after being booted from the Hero In Training program, the H.I.T. is back in the Kaiju ranks. The H.I.T.'s meteoric rise through the Hero ranks came to a screeching halt at All Out War when the Heroic prodigy proved to be more Vinnie Delpino than Doogie Howser (watch the carnage in the new Hero In Training vs Giii the Space Pirate video). In the subsequent months the former H.I.T. has been wandering the earth seeking a second chance, but the only redemption he found was recycling aluminim cans. The current Hero shortage however has prompted the Kaiju Commissioner to give the H.I.T. one more chance.

With the likes of Neo Teppen missing (see below), Pablo Plantain dead, and Silver Potato turned traitor, the Heroes are more short staffed than a midget bo fighting tournament. The H.I.T. will have his Hero In Training status restored for one night only to provide Danger Zone security at Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot, and unless things go terribly wrong he will not be stepping into the ring. And what could go terribly wrong at a Kaiju Big Battel?!

Kaiju Big Battel: The Pilot
With musical guests Peelander-Z
When: Wednesday, February 21st, 2007. Doors at 7:00pm; Show at 8:00pm
Where: Avalon Boston, 15 Lansdowne St. Boston, MA
Tickets: Available at ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations.
All Ages. $15.25

Be a part of Kaiju TV history!

Dino Kang's Back Too!

In a move sure to warm the hearts of loveable homicidal dino monster fans, Dino Kang Jr. is returning to the Kaiju Commentator booth for Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot. Get the full scoop on Kang's return and his struggle with mounting college debt in the brand new Kaiju Podfighto #7, hosted by Dino Kang's play-by-play partner Louden Noxious.

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Teppen's Space Bike Scuttled

The already depleted Kaiju Heroes, have apparently lost yet another of their ranks, less than two weeks before Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot. According to a NASA report, Neo Teppen's supersonic space cycle has been spotted in orbit around Mars. The wrecked bike showed clear signs of space pirate-damage including plasma-cannonball holes, space sword slashes, and a crudely rendered skull and cross bones scratched into the cycle's paint-job with a set of pirate-ship keys. No sign of Neo Teppen was found, and at this time the Kaiju Hero is presumed to be either dead or alive.

Tag Team Belt Time Travel Trouble

In a press conference this Tuesday that never occured in our reality, the Kaiju Commissioner didn't announce that despite internet rumors to the contrary, the Double Danger Tandem Belts have not been vacated, since the new Tag Team Belts are not held by one-eyed monsters Hell Monkey and D.W. Cycloptopuss III, because thanks to SDS-1's time slip enveloping Avalon Boston, Hell Monkey and The Grudyin have never fought the Sea Amigos in the first ever Double Danger Tandem Belt contest that never even occured in the first place.

When reached for comment, Hell Monkey was confused.

Free Pilot Poster

In celebration of Kaiju's media milestone and all the potential goodness that goes with taping a TV pilot, the Kaiju Commissioner will include a free glossy 11"x17" Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot event poster with any Kaiju print ordered from the Kaiju Mall. Offer good while supplies last.

Upcoming Anime Con Screenings

The Kaiju Anime Con world tour continues with sneak peak screenings of the upcoming More Better Fighto DVD at the following cons this winter/ spring:

  • March 2-3 at Nohcon in Buffalo, NY
  • March 17-18 at Momocon in Atlanta, GA
  • March 31 at Chibi Fest in Las Vegas, NV
  • May 5-6 at SyndiCon 2006 in Valpairso, IN

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email eric@kaiju.com for more info.

Question of the Week

Can I win tickets on WFNX?

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Kaiju Vacation

The State of Massachusetts has declared no school in celebration of Kaiju Big Battel: The TV Pilot filming at the Avalon Boston on February 21st. Governor Duval Patrick and what's his name, the Education Commissioner, have ordered a mandatory state-wide school closing the week of the Big Battel. While the kids are certianly happy with this arrangement, some critics have charged that cancelling a school because of a Big Battel will only encourage students to pursue a life of Kaiju monsterdom.

Ask the Commissioner

Dear Commish,

I have three questions for you.

1. Does Kaiju have any plans to come to Wisconsin at any time?

2. Why did you drop the 24/7 rule on the Kaiju title after Dr. Cube lost the belt to KFCN? Isnt that playing favorites?

3. When will the pilot be on G4 TV?

Thanks I hope to hear your answers.


Dear K.J.H.,

Thanks for the variety of inquisitive questions. It's nice to hear from Kaiju fans who look deeper than the wanton carnage and destruction of the Big Battel. To answer your first question, I don't think that dastardly Dr. Cube or those slimey Space Bugs are currently interested in destroying anything in Wisconsin, so I think you are safe for now. As for the 24/7 rule, it is still in effect. Kaiju Champion Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle is smart enough to vacation in Japan and none of the top contenders seem willing to shell out the big yen for the airfare. As to when the pilot on G4 will be aired, that remains to be seen, but keep checking in at kaiju.com for weekly updates.

Your Friend,
Kaiju Commissioner

Do you have a question for the Kaiju Commissioner? Email your questions direct to commissioner@kaiju.com.

Intern Monster Mayhem

The Kaiju Commissioner is proud to welcome our two new studio assistants, Bart and Lisa, to the Big Battel. If you've got what it takes to protect the world from giant city-crushing monsters? Then the Kaiju Commissioner wants you! Video, web, design, and office Interns wanted now. Check out the Kaiju Jobs page for full descriptions.

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