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Kaiju Big Battel
Giii the Space Pirate

Giii's Bio is Rated Arrrrrrgh!

The Story of Giii

Giii the Space Pirate has made quite an impact on the Big Battel in just a few short months, including running the Hero Intern out of town and into exile in Guatemala. But until now his history has been a mystery. Some rumors suggested that Giii might be an alien invader out to steal Earth's DNA, but now we have the truth! Read the brand new Hello Giii the Space Pirate bio and find out how the scion of a royal family became the most fearsome pirate ever to sail the stars, only to be marooned on Earth by his own crew!

Mo Better Bug Beatdown

Ever wonder what it would be like to kick the hell out of bunch of Space Bugs? Well, wonder no more! This week's featured Kaiju Bideo captures the experience in full force as Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Soup defends his Kaiju title from a sinister Swarm attack! Mike D delivers a special heart-felt guest commentary over the awesome musical stylings of Blue III from Japan.

Happy Holidays from Dr. Cube

The holiday season wouldn't be complete without the annual Kaiju Holiday Greeting Card. This year's offering features Dr. Cube, a couple of his naughtiest Posse members, a busted-up Santa, and one reindeer. The design on these cards was painted by Kaiju artist and ace card-crafter, Ryan Klemek, of Crazy Cupcake Designs fame. Only 100 of these limited edition cards will be made, and they are available exclusively in the Kaiju Mall for $3.00/each (envelope included).

The Kaiju Mall is stocked with all sorts of other great gifts, including T-Shirt & Book Holiday Packs, Limited Edition 10" Stickers, T-Shirts, Kaiju Art Prints, and more. Plus there are two special holiday season bonuses Spend $35 or more (not including shipping) and get a free set of Limited Edition Pins; spend $50 or more and get a free Super Wrong's Pocket Disco Ball!

Don't wait too long - orders placed by December 15th will be delivered in time for Christmas.

Cube's Posse Crushes for PS3

People seem to be willing to go a long way to get their hands on a PS3 - waiting in line for days upon end, shelling out thousands of eBay bucks, trading their little brothers and sisters - it's madness! Which Kaiju bigwig was among the tech-lusting masses? None other than Dr. Cube himself! While Dr Cube has little interest in video games, one of his Minion moles reported that PS3 contained some sort of secret Blu-Ray laser. Intrigued by the possibility of weaponizing the PS3 laser, Cube sent Hell Monkey, The Grudyin, and Napalean to tear open a Bestest Buy store and steal all the PS3s they could get their claws on.

Unfortunately for Cube, he quickly found that the Blu-Ray laser had no armor-melting, moon-blasting, or Hero-slicing applications. It was however capable of playing some of The Grudyin's favorite movies, including Robocop, Planet of the Apes, and Sense and Sensibility.

Work with Kaiju

Do you have what it takes to protect the world from giant city-crushing monsters? Then the Kaiju Commissioner wants you! Video, web, and design Interns wanted now. Check out the Kaiju Jobs page for full descriptions.

Question of the Week

Where's Dino Kang Jr. been?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Razing Arizona

Phoenix Anime Fest has arranged a special treat for all the Kaiju fans on the left side of the country. Thanks to a special Danger Deal, Kaiju Big Battel will be appearing as a guest of honor at the con all weekend long. Louden Noxious, Beav, Pedro, Call-Me-Kevin, and most likely that evil jerk Dr. Cube will be representing the Big Battel at the Con from Friday, Dec 1st to Sunday the 3rd. Be sure to check out the fan-friendly Q & A with Louden and Beav on Saturday. Visit the Phoenix Anime Fest site for all the details.

New Anime Con DVD Screening

A new Anime Con has been added to the list of cons screening a special preview copy of the upcoming Kaiju DVD, More Better Fighto. SyndiCon 2007 in Valparaiso, Indiana will be screening the DVD during their convention on May 5-6, 2007.

A big thanks goes out to all the cons who are screening the DVD this winter/spring:

  • December 1-3 Phoenix Anime Festival in Phoenix, AZ
  • December 30 at Chibi-Pa in West Palm Beach, FL
  • May 5-6 at SyndiCon 2006 in Valpairso, IN

The Kaiju Anime Club is growing fast, and we're always looking for new member clubs. If your club is interested in joining, please sign up today, or email eric@kaiju.com for more info.

Question of the Week 2

Who's next for the Hello Kaiju bio treatment?

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