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Kaiju Big Battel
Neo Teppen's A.R.E.S. ship

A.R.E.S. I.S. A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Commish Launches New Initiative

Hot on the heels of his "24/7 Mandate" initiative, the Kaiju Commissioner has unveiled a groundbreaking new spaceship to fight against evil. The high tech spacecraft dubbed ARES (Attack Rescue Exploration Spaceship) is the most expensive KRC-funded technology in Kaiju Big Battel history. The cost of the entire project reportedly exceeded $43.2 Billion, and was paid for almost entirely in loose change that Dusto Bunny recovered from between the cushions of America's couches!

The ship has been issued to Neo Teppen and was scheduled to launch last Tuesday, but was grounded on the runway due to technical difficulties. After three days of troubling shooting, ARES was deemed safe to fly by KRC safety officials. After the ship's delayed but successful take-off the Commissioner's approval rating experienced a slight increase, but then dropped down to a new low when ARES' landing gear locked up and was forced to make an emergency landing into the Bazooka Joe pillow factory.

Cube Interview

Dr. Cube is always an entertaining interview, but who knew how informative he could be! Read this brand new interview for the doctor's complete breakdown of the new "24-7 Mandate," some shocking news about a recent disaster (other than Super Wrong's wardrobe), and a few tantalizing hints about the next live Big Battel event.

Win Tickets to Kaiju Rally!

Can't manage to round up 9 dollars, but you really want to go to the Kaiju Rally at the Middle East in Cambridge on April 1st? Well, here's your chance. Tell the Kaiju Commissioner how he should run Kaiju in 30 words or less and you'll be entered to win a random drawing for 2 tickets to the Kaiju Rally. Send your well-worded entries to contest@kaiju.com. Contest ends Wednesday, March 29. The event is 18+, so this one is for the grown-ups only. Good luck, may the best answer win.

Kaiju Rally Party
Carlisle Sound as The Kinks
Kaiju G4TV Video Installation
When: April 1st, doors at 9PM
Where: Middle East Club Upstairs, Cambridge, MA
Tix: 18+, $9

This Week on G4

It's weeks until Easter (both regular and Greek), but you can get a taste of the holiday right now on G4 TV. In a very special "Action Blast", Louden Noxious takes us on a magical Easter journey, beginning with Dusto Bunny's Romp of Benevolence, and ending in complete Big Battel madness, courtesy of Gomi-man.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Ask the Commissioner

Dearest Kaiju Commissioner,

I was at a concert in Philly and I saw someone wearing a Kaiju Big Battel shirt that I have never seen before. The design was similar to the limited edition Team Kaiju print you sell in the Kaiju online mall, cept it had another character which I did not recognize. Was this a limited edition shirt design at one time? Was it only available at the live shows or cons? If still possible, how can I get one?

Pacific Dan

Dear Pacific:

What a wonderful name, Pacific. Is that a reference to your local oceanic body, or perhaps you peaceful nature. In any case I find it refreshing, and much nicer than an aggressive, ugly, pointy name like Dr. Cube.

What you are referring to is the Kaiju Kid Robot collaboration shirt. The extremely limited edition, two color design on a white shirt was available for sale at Kid Robot on Price Street in downtown NYC. I am not sure if there are any left in stock. Call 212 966 6688 for availability. Tell em Louden's Uncle sent you.

Your Friend,
Kaiju Commissioner

Question of the Week

Who is going to stop Dr. Cube?

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