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Kaiju Big Battel
Dr. Cube on G4 TV

Cube + Cable TV = Action Blast!

Action Blast Brings Big Battel Action to G4 TV

Kaiju Big Battel is a multimedia juggernaut, running roughshod over live events, DVDs, books, and now cable television. Beginning this month, G4 TV will be presenting a new Kaiju fighto each week as part of their massive Action Blast hour. The Action Blast mixes Kaiju mayhem with a variety of cartoons, and shorts with insightful commentary provided by Kaiju announcers Louden Noxious and Beav. Each week a different Big Battel will air all week long, spotlighting your favorite Kaiju combatants of yesterday and today. This week's Battel features Unibouzu, Hell Monkey, and Dr. Cube fighting for the Champion Belt accompanied by the music of Peelander-Z and The Lot Six.

Cube's Feline Freak

The arrival of Kaiju Big Battel on G4 TV has apparently spurned Dr. Cube to step-up his monster creation efforts. Earlier this month, the mainstream media ran a curious story on the birth of a one-eye kitten nicknamed "Cy." The Kaiju Regulatory Commission thought that the monocular meower bore an uncanny resemblance to Hell Monkey, Dr. Cube's most trusted monster. Acting on their suspicions, the KRC dispatched disco-dancing Hero Super Wrong to investigate the newborn kitten's owner. Despite receiving several life-threatening clawings, Super Wrong discovered that the owner was a card-carrying member of Dr. Cube's Posse. Although the women claims she no longer has ties to Dr. Cube's Posse, she is now under investigation for aiding an international monster terrorist group, namely Dr. Cube's Posse.

Big Mushroom Grows in Pigpen

Earlier this week, pig farmer John Bradley of Rockland, Wales awoke to find a giant mushroom had grown overnight in his pigpen. Bradley, a life long pig farmer, reported that no plant had ever grown in the open pen, which is home to more than 200 swine. A bewildered Farmer Bradley remarked, "I have never seen anything like it." The entrepreneurial farmer has decided to leave the giant mushroom alone and open a hotdog stand to cater to the curious sightseers who have come from far and wide to see his pigpen shroom. Even the he Kaiju Regulatory Commission has taken notice of the fungus phenomenon, sending Kaiju Hero and world famous scientist Sentai Jin to investigate the bizarre mushroom.

Lawyer Wins Contest

"Dr. Lawyer" (Brian Donnelley to his friends and family) is the winner of the Request a Big Battel Contest. Brian was awarded the Japanese edition of Kaiju's Shocking Truth DVD from Gakken. This DVD, Kaiju's first release in the land of the rising sun, is region 2, subtitled in Japanese, and features a bunch of exclusive bonus material and a 16-page color booklet. If you are interested in purchasing the DVD then brush up on your Japanese and go here. If you want to discuss all things Big Battel in Japanese go here. If you want even more Kaiju Big Battel news in Japanese check out the official Kaiju Union site brought to you by ToK.

The flood of entries for the Request a Big Battel Contest gave the Kaiju Commissioner alot to think about. After hours of analyzing the fans' Battel requests, the Commissioner has finalized the next block of Big Battels to air on G4TV. In no particular order, the next Battels on the Action Blast will be Dusto Bunny vs Gomi-man from Philly Factory Fighto, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle vs RoBox from Roxy Rampage NY and Los Plantanos vs Imit Plantains from Philly Factory Fighto.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Ask the Commissioner

Dear Kaiju Commissioner, There has been considerable debate on the Kaiju message board as to who the mystery monster, Kekkyoton really is? Please let us know so we can go on to debate more meaningful things, like what has Dr. Cube done with our beloved Silver Potato? Thank You, Eddy Nemra

Dearest Eddy:

I miss Mr. Potato too. Still, we must remain resolute, and hope for his safe return.

As for your questions, Kekkyoton is a large powerful cave dwelling monster that can be found in the foothills near the Valley of the Boars. This Rogue monster is red in color, covered in scales (like all deadly dragon types) and guards the ancient Viking tombs of yore. Besides this, little else is known of Kekkyoton.

I hope you can now move on and continue your meditation of the fate of Silver Potato.

Your Friend, Kaiju Commissioner

Question of the Week

Can I get a extra small Dr. Cube sweatshirt?

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