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Kaiju Big Battel
New Kaiju Champion Neo Teppen and Sophomore Referee Nikuman

New Champ! New Justice!

Boston Battel Commentary

Big Battel thanks to all those who made the recent New & Improved Boston Massacre a success. The Kaiju Commissioner really appreciated the Roxy staff, Chikara Pro, the Kaiju Heroes, give-away sponsors Rockstar Games and the Boston Bean, and most of all the fans for braving the Danger!

If you missed the Battel, please peep the new New & Improved Boston Massacre Battel commentary with live-action photography courtesy of Seth Block. This is a Battel commentary not to be missed as it features a new champ, a new referee, a new title belt, four Chikara newcomers to the Big Battel, and a heaping helping of Dr. Cube hijinks.

More Mayhem

If you happened to miss last weekend's monster mayhem, cry not. There are 2 more epic Battels right around the corner.

What: Kaiju Big Battel with special guest Chris Hero
Musical Guest: Harry and the Potters and DJ Clashious Clay
Where: The Trocadero, 1003 Arch St. Philadelphia, PA 19107
When: Sunday June 1st, Doors 3:00PM. 4:00PM Show.
Tickets: $19.50. Ticketmaster and the Trocadero Box Office. All Ages.

What: Kaiju Big Battel
Musical Guest: Ronald Reagan and DJ Clashious Clay
Where: Webster Hall, 125 East 11th St. Manhattan, NY, 10003
When: Saturday, June 7th. 6:00PM Doors. 7:00PM Show.
Tickets: $25. Ticketmaster and the Mercury Lounge Box Office. This is a 16+ event.

Neo Champ

In an epic fighto that featured a ferocious attack by the fearsome fiend Dr. Cube, and a flying fret save by the Hero Intern '08, Neo Teppen bested Call-Me-Kevin for the Kaiju Championship Belt at the New & Improved Boston Massacre. In bringing the belt back to the Heroes for the first time since 2003, Teppen finally ended evil's grip on Kaiju's greatest prize. Since the Hero-turned-traitor Silver Potato relinquished the Belt to Dr. Cube's Hell Monkey at Philly Factory Fighto, a succession of madmen, Rogues, and murderers had held the coveted hardware, including the satanic simian, undersea urchin Unibouzu, Cube himself, killer can Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, and CMK.

Hot Gear Alert

Represent your favorite maniacal Kaiju mastermind with the new totally awesome Dr. Cube Tote Bag! Created by Cube's crafty Minionette Bethany Fong, this limited-edition tote features Cube's displeased mug printed in black ink on white canvas. The Cube tote stands in at 14" x 14" x 2" - perfect for carrying your records wallet, makeup and your Kaiju x Peelander-Z shirt.

Also, in case you missed it, May is Kaiju memorial month. Check out brand new Sky Deviler and Pablo Plantain commemorative shirts in the Kaiju Mall.

Calendar Kaiju

There's all manner of Kaiju events coming up:

Kaiju Appearances:

  • May 30-June 1 at Wizard World Philly, Philly PA
  • July 24-28 at San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, CA

Live Big Battels:

  • June 1, The Trocadero, Philadelphia, PA
  • June 7, Webster Hall, Manhattan, NY
  • Aug 23, Classified Battel, Location TBA

Question of the Week

Are you serious?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Ask the Commissioner

Dear Commissioner,

What happened to Jingi? Why wasn't he at the Battel? Is he dead?! Please tell me he's not dead!

- Molly F.

Dear Molly

I am happy to report that, while Senior Kaiju Official Jingi did suffer serious internal injuries and a mashed-up mustache at Danger Strikes Back!, he is not in any way deceased. Rather, he is convalescing in an undisclosed location, resting his broken body, reviewing his legal literature, and smearing his top-lip with a rogaine and miracle-gro paste.

While Jingi recuperates, Kaiju Sophomore Referee Nikuman will be filling in. While the New & Improved Boston Massacre was his first "big-time" action, rest assured the Niku has been honing his reffing chops on the Kaiju European circuit, and in dark matches (Battels between nocturnal Kaiju, such as Possumtron 2010 and Vegan Vampire, fought in pitch-black conditions and viewable only with night vision glasses).

I'm sure you will agree that Nikuman impressed at the Battel, both with his stellar knowledge of justice, and with his well-trimmed soup-strainer.

Your Friend,
Kaiju Commissioner

Email your questions to commissioner@kaiju.com.

Kaiju Summer

Congrats to Anthony for finishing his Kaiju tour of duty and graduating from college all in one weekend. Do you have what it takes to protect the world from giant city-crushing monsters this summer? Then the Kaiju Commissioner wants you! Video, web, and production Interns wanted now. Check out the Kaiju Jobs page for full descriptions.

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