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Kaiju Big Battel
Dr. Cube Swings a Train at Pedro Plantain, while Potato Pounces

All Out War!

All Out War

Dr. Cube has declared "All Out War" on the Kaiju Heroes and has assured his fans that they will lose every fighto at the upcoming Brooklyn Battel. What does a Kaiju "All Out War" mean? It's like a Kaiju Police Action x 1,000,000, but with more destruction! Kaiju Big Battel: All Out War is Kaiju's only scheduled NYC performance this summer. Capacity is limited and tickets are selling fast, so buy now or be sorry later.

Kaiju Big Battel with musical guest Peelander-Z
When: Friday, August 4. Doors at 8pm
Where: Warsaw in Greenpoint, 261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Tickets: Available at Irving Plaza Box Office, Earwax Music on Bedford St in Williamsburg, Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations. All Ages. $18.50 in advance, $20 day of show.

Cube Buys Giii

In an effort to attack the Kaiju Heroes from all sides, Dr. Cube has contracted Giii, the Space Pirate, as a hired gun to fight for Dr. Cube's Posse at All Out War. The exact dollar amount has not been disclosed, but some Kaiju analysts speculate that the amount is in the 6.2 figures. When questioned, Giii, who only speaks a mysterious alien dialect that can only be understood by Swedish poodles, made absolutely no sense. It was clear, however, that the Kaiju Commissioner was outraged by Cube's bribe and pledged to stomp out corruption in Kaiju Big Battel as soon the upcoming Brooklyn Battel is over.

All Out War Poster

The Kaiju Commissioner has invited Boris of Rocket North to design and print a special commemorative silk-screened print for All Out War. This sweet two-color print on quality paper will be signed, numbered, and limited to 100 copies. Coming to the Kaiju Mall later this week!

In related news, the limited-edition Some One Must Die print by Yoriko Shiraishi is now sold out!

Pixie-Fungu Feud

A recent feud between Powa Ranjuru and Posse-member Shrooma Tango has come to a head. Apparently, the bitter feelings between the two fighters began at Someone Must Die! when Shrooma allegedly tried to steal some of Powa's magical pixie dust. Shrooma denies the allegation, but the disagreement has escalated into a mud-slinging match that would make Karl Rove blush. Shrooma claims that Powa has slandered him by calling the maniacal mushroom a "psychedelic threat to all the good-natured fans in the Danger Zone". Meanwhile, Cube's Posse's propaganda machine is pumping out fliers, handbills, and infomercials accusing Powa of being a pixie dust dependent fiend. With tension rising, the Commissioner has set up a fighto at the upcoming Battel so they can settle their differences in a safe and sanctioned manner.

Video Position Opening

We say goodbye to Jesse with a heavy heart, but the good news for all you eager creative beavers is that an assistant video editor intern position is opening up. This is an unpaid position that demands a minimum of 15 hours per week. Please note, our studio is located in Cambridge, MA. For a complete position description, check out the Kaiju Job Opportunities page.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Comic-Con Coming

If you are going to San Diego Comic-Con this year, be sure to visit the Kaiju Big Battel booth (#4737) and buy tons of Kaiju merch so Pedro doesn't have to take the bus back East. If you're lucky, you'll be able to cop an autograph from Dr. Cube, Call-Me-Kevin, Beav, and Pedro Plantain. Be sure to snatch up some of our Con exclusives, including 11" Cube and Soup SD stickers.

Summer Reading

Need some good reading material for your trip to Napalm Beach? In celebration of the Summer of War, the Kaiju book, Kaiju Big Battel: A Practical Guide to City-Crushing Monsters is now just $9.99. Plus all book orders placed in the next week get a set of free camo themed Cube pins, while supplies last.

24-7 Mandate No More

The Kaiju Commissioner has rescinded the controversial 24/7 mandate. The mandate had required that the Kaiju Champion had to defend his title whenever challenged regardless of location, preparation, or sobriety. Apparently, the Commish cancelled the mandate after receiving an avalanche of angry fan letters decrying the mandate as a threat to the integrity of the Kaiju Championship Title. Although, most in the Kaiju community were relieved by the mandate's demise, Dr. Cube commented that the Commissioner's timing, coming just weeks after Cube lost the Belt, was "rather deplorable." Sources close to Cube said that the ex-Champ had plans to crash Soup's dojo and retake the belt before the Brooklyn Battel.

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