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Kaiju Big Battel
Kaiju Big Battel at the Warsaw on August 4th, 2006

Look out Big Apple!

Brooklyn Battel is On!

Kaiju Big Battel is heading back to Brooklyn, and Danger levels have never been higher! The Kaiju Commissioner has yet to announce the Battel lineup, but there some big time matchups brewing. Pedro Plantain will surely be seeking to avenge his brother's death at the hands of Hero-turned-traitor Silver Potato, Dr. Cube will be looking to win back the belt he lost at Someone Must Die!, and everyone will be gunning for new Kaiju Champion Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle. Experience this summer's greatest night of live monster wrestling on August 4th at the Warsaw in Brooklyn. This is Kaiju's only scheduled NYC performance this summer, so don't miss it.

Kaiju Big Battel with musical guest Peelander-Z
When: Friday, August 4. Doors at 8pm
Where: Warsaw in Greenpoint, 261 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
Tickets: Available at Irving Plaza Box Office, Earwax Music on Bedford St in Williamsburg, Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations. All Ages. $18.50 in advance, $20 day of show.

Know the Brutal Noodle

Kaiju's current Champion, the infamous cleaver wielding Rogue, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle is the strong silent type. Sure, everyone knows he is the no-nonsense, kiester-kicking product of an industrial accidentm but who is the man beneath the can? Considering he is the Champ, its high time we got to know the brutal noodle a little bit better. Check out the new bideo Hello Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle for a formal introduction.

Go KBB Anime Outreach

Last month's Battel at Anime Boston 2006 marked anime fandom's official introduction to the live city-crushing monster mayhem that is Kaiju Big Battel. It wasn't until this monumental weekend that the Kaiju Commissioner realized that the anime audience fully appreciates his efforts to rid the world of the evil Dr. Cube. In fact, the response from the anime community was so overwhelmingly positive that the Commissioner has launched a new KBB anime con outreach program.

Eric Bresler of Otaku Unite! fame has been elected to spear head this ground-breaking program. So, If you want Kaiju at your con, drop eric@kaiju.com an email for details. To mark the KBB anime outreach program, the Commissioner has released a very informative fluff piece by Kaiju Commentator Beav documenting his adventures at Anime Boston! Watch The Beav at Anime Boston.

Classic Cube for Sale

Everyone prefers Coke Classic over Black Cherry Vanilla Coke with Pom Juice. Right? Dr. Cube's marketing Minions finally got hip to this basic concept and have released the Classic Cube T-Shirt with the cube and crossbones logo on a black shirt. Its brilliantly simple and its now available in Dr. Cube's Merch Lab. These shirts are available in Youth Medium, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large! For the ladies, they is also a Classic Cube Girlie T available in a black classic girlie-T, or a black raglan T with white 3/4 sleeves, both by American Apparel.

Good-bye Robox, Hello Who Whom Whomever Whositsface?

With a mere 2 RoBox Plushies left in the Kaiju Mall, the Kaiju collectible department must decide which Kaiju fighter will be the next to be awarded a designer plushie doll. They have boiled down the options to two fighters, the late Pablo Plantain or Dr. Cube's time traveling slug, SDS-1. The Kaiju Commissioner has decided that the only way to resolve this delema is to open it up to the fans. So, email your vote for a dead plantain or slimy slug to submit@kaiju.com.

Many Challenge Soup

Neo Teppen announced his intentions this week to challenge Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle for the Kaiju Championship Title. Since Soup captured the Championship Belt at the Someone Must Die! Big Battel, the number one contender spot for the Championship has been up for grabs. The Kaiju Commissioner says he thinks a Kaiju Hero should be given the opportunity, and Teppen seems to fit the bill. Not surprisingly however, Dr. Cube is demanding a re-match in Brooklyn. Call-Me-Kevin meanwhile says he is "tired of fighting scrubs", and that he has "totally earned a shot" at the Title. The current Kaiju Champ has been absolutely silent on the subject. Soup's cool demeanor indicates he is ready, willing, and able to take on any fighter that challenges his number one position.

Question of the Week

What did you blow up to celebrate America's birthday?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Moniker Posse-bilities

Last week, it was announced that Dr. Cube's greatest tagteam of terror, The Apes of Wraths had broken up. Many were amazed that the two alpha apes had managed to coexist for so long, and figured that it was merely a case of egos that broke the team up. According to reports from Cube's camp however the real reason is much more trivial - a disagreement over their team name. For some time now, Hell Monkey has insisted that the tag team change their name to Primate is Enough. However ape-shark beast The Grudyin prefers to stick with The Apes of Wraths. When reached for comment, The Grudyin replied "BRAGHWAHH!!! RROROWAR! LOSS OF BRAND RECOGNITION! BWRARHGGGHH! ROARRR!" The name, and potentially the fate, of their tagteam will be determined at the upcoming Battel in Brooklyn as these two evil primates fight one another for the right to name their unholy alliance.

Pablo Tomb Raider

The Tomb of Pablo Plantain was robbed on the evening of July 4th, 2006. The unidentified tomb raiders stole the following: one M16, a bouquet of yellow flowers, and the body of Pablo. The Kaiju Hero community is up in arms and has demanded that the perps be brought to justice. The Kaiju Commissioner has sanctioned an official search-and-rescue mission for Pablo's body, but so far there have been no leads.

Meanwhile, the CIA Imposter Plantains have launched their own investigation and have already detained both Shrooma Tango and Powa Ranjuru for questioning in the special Kaiju wing in Guatanamo. As to how Shrooma and Powa are related to the grave robbing, apparently only the CIA Plantains know for sure, but they have promised that they will only hold the two as long as necessary. When asked how long that might be, the Imit Plantains replied that kaiju.com was "asking too many questions" and that frankly we should "stop poking around" unless we wanted to "end up like pets.com".

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