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Kaiju Big Battel
Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle at the X-Box 360 Zero Hour Launch Party

Soup Demands an Xbox 360

Cube Wins Xbox 360 Title Match

Mojave Desert, California. The Kaiju Commissioner was hoping to promote the Xbox 360 Zero Hour party as a celebratory night of good sportsmanship and Heroic achievements. Dr. Cube wasn't having it however, as he used the bajillian watt multimedia event to demonstrate his wicked ways. Cube, in a ruder, cruder, and more confidently evil mood than usual, knocked the Sea Amigo's Unibouzu out cold in the main event to claim the Xbox 360 Zero Hour Championship match. Amidst the overwhelming amount of monster mayhem and Styrofoam beanbag filling, the Kaiju Heroes managed to pick up two wins, but Cube's win made for a bitter sweet ending to a night of action packed Heroic accomplishments. Check out thefull Kaiju coverage at Xbox.com, including video of Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle vs Neo Teppen, Kaiju party time pics, a Battel news blast, and a special "freak box" video featuring the Hero Intern.

In depth commentary and Kaiju Bideo are on the way. Until then, here's a quick recap of the Big Battel:

Fighto 1: Kung-Fu Fury
Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Soup Defeated Neo Teppen

Fighto 2: Triple Faction Action Dance Dance Dance
Super Wrong Defeated Dai Hachi Hachi & DW Cycloptopuss III

Fighto 3: The Hero Induction
Contestants: Hero Intern Defeated Call-Me-Kevin

Fighto 4: Main Event
Dr. Cube defeated Unibouzu

In other Kaiju news, the Terebisento DVD is back in stock.

Los Plantanos Sticker Fun

Plantain power is indeed grande! To celebrate Los Plantanos Solidarity, all Kaiju Mall orders this week will receive one free high-quality vinyl color Los Plantanos Solidarity sticker. The design on the sticker is the same as the brand new Los Plantanos Solidarity poster. In terms of popularity this four color limited-edition print by Vinny Arnone looks set to beat out Vinny's best selling Team Kaiju poster.

Uchu Alive

Uchu Chu is alive. Reports of Uchu's death while in the custody of Dr. Cube were false. The leader of Team Space Bug is indeed still alive and well. Uchu was feared dead last week when his alien insect sonar pulse stopped emitting a signal. It turns out that Dr. Cube is holding Uchu in a state-of-the-art underwater chamber 1202 leagues below sea level. The severe depth blocked Uchu's sonar pulse from reaching the Earth's atmosphere. The exact location of the chamber and Dr. Cube's plans for Uchu are still unknown, however.

Kaiju Big Battel Union

Kaiju Dai Sento! Kaiju Big Battel Union is epic meeting place for Japanese fans, designed and maintained by ToK. Check out some great design and support our Japanese friends and family.

Costume Contest Winner

The Kaiju Commissioner was extremely sad to announce that every single entry into the Kaiju Halloween contest was a Dr. Cube costume. We received Dr. Cube in Scotland, Dr. Cube Taking a Bath, Dr. Cube on a Pocket Mini-Bike, and Dr. Cube Smashing an Enormous Pumpkin. Are all the Cube costumes a testament to the popularity of Dr. Cube's Posse, or the lack of imagination of Cube fans? Either way, not since the kidnapping of Silver Potato has there been such a sad day in Kaiju Big Battel. The KRC prize department reluctantly awards Rob Freeman of Harmony, Maine the prize pack. Per order of the Kaiju Commissioner, next year Cube costumes will not be accepted as submissions.

Question of the Week

What has Xs and Os besides a game of tic-tac-toe?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Intern Prepares for Battel

After a mere two weeks of training, the Kaiju Commissioner has announced that the Hero Intern is ready for his inaugural Kaiju Big Battel. "This young Hero-in-training has progressed faster than a speeding bullet. My high expectations have been easily hurdled by this talented intern," said the Kaiju Commissioner. The date and location of this Battel has yet to be announced but the Kaiju Hero Community is hopeful that the intern will usher in a Hero Renaissance. Possible contenders include Dino Kang Jr., Minion #201290, The Bear, and Call-Me-Kevin.

Kung-Fu Fury

Kaiju's deadliest Rogue, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle has challenged the heroic Neo Teppen to a Kung-Fu fury match to determine once and for all who has the superior Kung-Fu skills. Even though Teppen does not train with a Master like Soup, Neo's kicks and high flying fists, flips, and dips demonstrate his dedication to the ancient art. The no nonsense Kung Fu Chicken Noodle however believes there can only be one great Kung-Fu figher in the Big Battel. The Danger potential between these two Kaiju is code orange. Stay tuned for Battel time and location.

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