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Kaiju Big Battel
Shpadoinkel Mania on Friday

This Friday at Avalon Boston!

On Friday Boston Gets Shpadoinkeled

This Friday's Kaiju Big Battel is no ordinary Big Battel, it's a Shpadoinkel Mania, the paragon of live monster wrestling. For almost two decades, Shpadoinkel Mania has stood for everything dear to the Kaiju Universe: monster mayhem, wanton destruction, the rise and fall of Champions, and special limited-edition Shpadoinkel Mania T-shirts, Girlie Shirts, and art prints. This Friday's epic Battel of good versus evil at Avalon Boston will certainly live up to the Shpadoinkel Mania name! So, bring all your family and friends to have a Shpadoinkel evening of fun.

Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII
Featuring: Kaiju Big Battel with special Japanese musical guest Gelatine
When: Friday, October 20th. Doors at 6pm, show at 7pm.
Where: Avalon Boston, 15 Landsdowne St. (behind Fenway Park)
Tickets: Available at Ticketmaster.com and all Ticketmaster locations. All Ages. $15.25

The schedule of events for Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII is as follows:

Pre-fighto entertainment by Gelatine kicks off Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII at 7PM sharp. Don't miss this terrifying Japanese hollercore treat. You will be amazed, scared, amused, and perhaps a little confused all at the same time... a true musical experience

Enter the Paddler
Giii vs Tad Bradley Hawaiian Paddler

Giii the Space Pirate is on a Hero destructo rampage! After wasting the Hero Intern in Brooklyn, Giii is set to wreck any meddling Kaiju Hero that steps in his way! Enter Tad Bradley Hawaiian Paddler, the brand new Kaiju Hero. Tad, an all-American college pro and three-time Surf and Turf Games Champion, is trained in the mysterious Chicken-Style of kung-fu. If Tad's debut goes well, the surf will be up and Giii will go down gagging on a salty seawater chokehold courtesy of Kaiju's most radical fighter. Please give a bodacious welcome to the newest savior of the human race, Tad Bradley Hawaiian Paddler!

Double Danger Tandem Championship
Apes of Wraths Vs Sea Amigos

The all-new Kaiju Double Danger Tandem Championship Title is up for grabs! Dr. Cube's greatest tag team of terror, The Apes of Wraths, are back and determined as hell to get their stinky mitts on the new DDT Belts. Cube's unholy alliance will be challenging the Sea Amigos in this inaugural tag team title fighto. The rules are simple: the first fighters to capture the Tag Team Belts from the top of the titanium "bonga" poles will be declared the new Double Danger Tandem Champions. Check out Louden Noxious's tagteam elimination podcast below to learn how the Apes and the Amigos earned a chance for the new tag team belts.

Amazon River Street Fighto
Pedro Plantain VS the Evil Silver Potato

Pedro Plantain has a bone to pick with Silver Potato. Not only did Silver Potato murder Pedro's beloved twin brother, Pablo, but he also killed the greatest tag team in all of Kaiju history! Shame on the tator traitor! To add insult to injury, rumors have it that Dr. Cube stole Pablo's cold body right from his grave. Pedro wants revenge against the evil Potato and his sinister master, Dr. Cube. In accordance with the international laws of the "Street Fight," anything goes in this no-holds-barred Battel of vengeance! Weapons, bricks, poisoned toothpicks, battery acid... all is fair in tonight'w Amazon River Street Fighto!

Hero Intervention Reality Show
Dusto Bunny VS Super Wrong

After being voted the biggest loser in Kaiju Big Battel history on salon.com, Super Wrong broke his ties to the Kaiju Heroes and set off to create a new Kaiju faction. The trouble is that so far no one wants to join Super Wrong's fight club, save for his former nemesis, an inanimate pink teddy bear. Somehow the wise old sage Dusto Bunny was nominated to put an end to Super Wrong's drama and force him back into the Hero ranks. But there's a catch! If Dusto loses tonight's contest, he will be forced to join Super Wrong's new Kaiju faction, the "Yokusuka Jump Squadron."

Kaiju Championship
Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle Soup VS Opponent of his Choice

The Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII main event is a Kaiju Championship Battel featuring Kaiju Champ Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle and the opponent of his choice. Speculation has reached a frenzied state as to who Soup will chose to fight. Favorites include, Dr. Cube, Unibouzu, Mota Naru, the CIA Plantain Imposters, Super Wrong, and the late John "Shnooka" Candy. Who ever wins will be crowned the Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII Champion.

New Podfighto!

With Shpadoinkel Mania mania sweeping through Kaiju HQ, it's a minor miracle that the Kaiju audio squad and the Kaiju interwebbers have found time to post yet another Kaiju Podfighto featuring ace commentator Louden Noxious. In this week's Kaiju Podfighto, Louden recaps the Road to Tandem Glory tournament that narrowed the eight contending teams for the new Kaiju Tag Team Championship Belt down to two final competitors who will meet at Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII. Listen in auditory awe, as the Yokusuka Jump Squadron, the Sea Amigos, Apes of Wraths, and more fight it out, plus catch up on your Shpadoinkel history as Louden shares some classic moments from past Shpadoinkel Manias.

Download this Episode of the Podfighto
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Egg Update

Sky Deliver's egg is safely back in the hands of Team Space Bug, and the evil Dr. Cube's attempt to corrupt the unborn alien has failed! After a series of insecto-natal tests, the egg was pronounced "totally OK" by a team of top entomologists. Many Team Space Bug fans are eager to see the famed white egg, but for security reasons the egg is being guarded at an undisclosed location by Uchu's elite Swarm Troopers. Space Bug fans, despite the hype around Suri Cruz, are confident the Sky Deviler offspring will be far superior to the Hollywood alien baby.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Camera a Go Go

To answer a popular question - yes, you are welcome to bring cameras to the Big Battel. The Kaiju Commissioner encourages all those who attend to document the Battel. Otherwise, it is unlikely that nay say-ers will believe your "wild" tales of live monster mayhem. However, for all those brave enough to be in the Danger Zone (which is more or less than entire Avalon), please be mindful of airborne green blood, sleep spit, toxic slime and other monster-related fluids.

Work with Kaiju

You got what it takes to protect the world from giant city-crushing monsters? Then the Kaiju Commissioner wants you! Video, web, and design Interns are wanted now. Check out the Kaiju Jobs page for full descriptions.

Annual Kaiju Halloween contest

With Halloween right around the corner it's time for the annual Kaiju Halloween Costume Contest. That's right - email a picture of you in your Kaiju inspired Halloween costume to contest@kaiju.com and you'll be entered to win a special Kaiju Halloween-ish prize pack. One lucky winner will win it all. For some inspiration, check out the House of Otaku and the News Archiveto see some past entrants. Deadline for submission is Monday, November 6th. Costumes are judged on craft, creativity, and awesomeness. Good luck.

Question of the Week

Are monster groupies allowed backstage?

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