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Kaiju Big Battel
Neo Teppen Poses with weapon

Teppen's IBM - more powerful than Deep Blue

Teppen Stomps Apes of Wraths

When Neo Teppen set out to end The Grudyin's birthday gift stealing rampage, he figured it would only take one or two of his secret powers to defeat the beast and return the presents to their rightful owners. However, at the conclusion of Part 1 of The Grudyin VS Neo Teppen, everyone's favorite polymorphic tracksuit-wearing Hero was taken down by a well-placed, below-the-belt rock toss. Now, to make matters worse, The Grudyin has gotten reinforcements from his Apes of Wraths tag team partner, Hell Monkey. Can Teppen defeat this double dose of simian swagger? Find out now in the exciting conclusion, The Grudyin VS Neo Teppen Part 2.

Contest Winner Found;
Silver Potato Still Missing

Despite the efforts of thousands of tipsters who contacted kaiju.com with leads on the location of kidnapped Hero Silver Potato, the Über Tuber remains missing. However some of the tips received were helpful. Daniel H.'s suggestion to check out a cave Dr.Cube "rented from Osama bin laden in the Tora bora region in Afghanistan" didn't pan out, but it did lead Los Plantanos to uncover a hidden stash of opium which they promptly, and without any tampering, turned over to the appropriate authorities.

There was one tip that simultaneously intrigued, frightened, amused, and confused the authorities, and remains the strongest lead so far. Submitted by Rob L., this tip is the kind of convoluted conspiracy theorizing that late-series X-Files episodes were made of:

"It looks to me as if SDS-1 is somehow involved. I was carefully examining old pictures from an old government cover-up near Roswell, New Mexico. Pictures taken at the time show investigators holding a silvery material. I believe it is the wrapping of Silver Potato! Transported back in time by SDS-1 and grievously injured! Please look into this! I have not yet been able to view the Shocking Truth DVD, so I could be wrong here, but darn if that doesn't look like Silver Potato skin in those old pictures. And just where is SDS-1, any way?"

Dun. Dun. Dunnnnn! Could Rob L.'s lunatic fringe theory hold the key to Potato's fate? It's too soon to tell, but at the very least it has earned the Find Silver Potato Contest reward - an out of print Silver Potato T-Shirt and Girlie Shirt!

Question of the Week

Which Kaiju Hero was caught on camera boozing it up last weekend?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Shocking Truth Shockingly Good!

The reviews of Shocking Truth keep pouring in and the sentiment is clear - Kaiju Big Battel's new DVD is a hit! The Boston Globe says Shocking Truth is "wildly entertaining and certainly a worthwhile rumble," while Time Out New York says the video "radiate(s) a giddy sense of fun that's been missing from the WWE since before Vince McMahon lost his hair." (Oh snap.) Even hi-brow-fluff magazine Entertainment Weekly has gotten hip to the Kaiju tip, featuring the DVD in a recent issue.

Click here to check out these reviews, plus more from Millionaire Playboy, needcoffee.com, All Nerd Review, From Parts Unknown, Otaku Unite!, Horror Channel's Dread Central, Synthesis Magazine, Trash City, and The Weekly Dig.

DVD Released, Party Ensues

The release of Shocking Truth was celebrated this past weekend with twin release parties at the Khyber in Philadelphia and CBGB's in NYC. American Beetle (filling in for a cave-hunting Plantain) and new Kaiju announcer Beav partied well into the night with a horde of Kaiju fans and the rocking bands of Japunks Panic Jamboree 8, including Peelander-Z and the show-stealing all girl punk explosion of Bleach03. Unfortunately both Dr. Cube and Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle crashed the proceedings, though in the spirit of the night both toned down their typical chaos-bringing to mere rabble-rousing. Check out the whole weekend, including a DVD signing at TLA Video, in this new photo collection.

Boston DVD Signing

Boston-based Kaiju fans will get their own chance to celebrate the release of Shocking Truth this weekend when Dr. Cube and Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle invade Anime Boston 2005 at the Hynes Convention Center at 900 Boylston Street in Boston. Cube and the Kaiju-killer will each make a DVD signing appearance at the Comicopia booth. Visit Comicopia's booth for times and more information.

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