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Kaiju Big Battel
Dr. Cube Says Someone Must Die

Can't We All Just Get Along?

Battel Line Up Announced

Kaiju Big Battel headlines Anime Boston 2006 next Friday, May 26th and the Big Battel lineup is now set Check out the Battels below and prepare yourself for Kaiju's highly anticipated homecoming, featuring 32 blocks of crushable cityscape (including the Prudential Center), 2 Kaiju Jumbotrons, the fan favorite Danger Zone, and twenty Kaiju fighters including two brand new monster debuts.

Match 1: Tag Team Urban Conflict
Los Plantanos VS The Apes of Wraths

Match 2: Intern Promotion Match
Hero Intern VS Vegetius

Match 3: Fight City, Population Kaiju
Force Trooper Robo VS Mystery Opponent

Match 4: Pocky Tomb of Doom
Unibouzu VS Dai Hachi Hachi

Main Event: Kaiju Championship Contest
Dr. Cube VS Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle

In addition to the performance, Kaiju will host the Masquerade Ball on Saturday night and hold several workshops and panels throughout the weekend on a variety of topics including costume creation, cosplay performance, and Kaiju's recent work on G4 TV's daily cable program, Action Blast.

Experience this year's greatest night of live monster wrestling and see if the evil Dr. Cube delivers on his threat that "Someone Must Die!" This is Kaiju's only scheduled New England performance at this time, so don't sleep on it.

Kaiju Big Battel at Anime Boston 2006
Where: Anime Boston 2006, Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
When: Friday May 26th. Doors at 7:30PM. Show at 8:00PM
Ticket Info: http://www.animeboston.com/registration

Admission Info

For all of you who are new to Anime Boston, in order to attend the Kaiju Big Battel, you must register and pick up your badge at the Sheraton Hotel. You can not simply walk up to the door at the Hynes Auditorium and pay to enter. To get into the Kaiju Big Battel performance, you have to register for the convention at the Sheraton Hotel (2nd floor) located at 39 Dalton Street. This is best done well before the Kaiju Big Battel kicks off on Friday evening.

Give yourself at least an extra half hour to ensure you are seated in time for the Big Battel's countdown to danger. The more time, the better.

Please visit the Anime Boston registration page for more details.

Road to Ambition, Podcast-type Part II

After an uproar from all five Kaiju Big Battel factions and accusations of favoritism, the Kaiju Commissioner was forced to open up the #1 contender spot for the Kaiju Championship Belt to the winner of the Road to Ambition tournament. Last week, Force Trooper Robo, Soup, Unibouzu, and Uchu Chu advanced to the second round. Find out who emerged from the tournament victorious in this week's Kaiju Podfighto! podcast. In addition to Louden Noxious' commentary of the live fighto, there Podfighot! contains a Special Announcement concerning the upcoming Big Battel.

Download this Week's Podfighto!
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Contest of Predicting Death for Prize

Who do you think is going to die at the upcoming Big Battel? The Hero Intern? Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle? Force Trooper Robo? Dino Kang Jr.? Dr. Cube?! Or maybe someone else entirely? Send your prediction to contest@kaiju.com. One entry per household. After the Battel, one winner will be randomly selected from everyone that answers correctly. The winner will receive an artist proof of the "Minions Attack: 2006 World Domination Tour" print by Vinnie Arnone. This is the same print that comes with Minion Militia Kit.

Population Kaiju Threatened

The mysterious red, three-eyed creature spotted at recent Kaiju Rallies) is in fact an extraterrestrial being that claims to have been sent to Earth from the Enob Pil galaxy on a mission of peace. KRC intelligence however indicates that the alien has come to steal the "essence of Kaiju." If the mysterious 3-eyed space invader, who has been dubbed Giii by the media, pilfers the very essence of Kaiju, the fate of the entire Kaiju Big Battel Universe is surely doomed! Never fear though; newly reinstated Hero Force Trooper Robo has been deployed to stop the alien at the upcoming Big Battel.

Someone Must Die Print

Kaiju Big Battel's long awaited return to Boston is being commemorated with a 7-color silk screened poster by highly respected Japanese illustrator, Yoriko Shiraishi. Limited to a short run of just 50, each print is hand numbered and signed by the artist. These prints will most likely be sold out at the end of the Anime Boston weekend, so buy one now for only $15!

Messageboard Question of the Week

Is American Beetle Guilty of Abusing Rogue Prisoners?

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Dear Kaiju Commissioner

I saw the line-up of fightos on Millionaire Playboy and I was, like, disappointed to learn that the worlds greatest hero, Super Wrong, ain't fighting at the Anime Boston Battel. In these troubled Kaiju times, we gotta get some solid fighters in the ring, otherwise Cube is going to be Kaiju Champ for like ever. So, why isn't Super Wrong fighting?

--Super Wrong fan #1

Dear Super Wrong Fan:

Super Wrong is a quite the charming Hero, but I'm afraid you have been bedazzled by his awesome presence. Although he has the most impressive entrance of all Kaiju Heroes, he has yet to win a Battel for the Heroes.

I certainly believe Super Wrong has potential. However it may be the potential to compete alongside Danny Bonnaducci on Dancing with the Stars. Or perhaps the potential to become a full-time spandex model. Super Wrong is like the proverbial ugly duckling. Perhaps one day he will become a beautiful swan, but right now he is one fugly duck.

Bottom line, Super Wrong needs more training before being sent back into the Danger Cage again. In fact, maybe Super Wrong will become our next member of the Hero Intern program!

Your Friend
Kaiju Commissioner

Email your questions to commissioner@kaiju.com.

Hello Opportunity

James Buckly from Harvard is the latest edition to Studio Kaiju. We'd like to congratulate Nick on signing up with Studio Kaiju for his Summer tour of duty. We have just a few internship openings left. If you want to get in on the action, visit our Jobs page for more info.

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