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Kaiju Big Battel
Minions Party

Party like a Zombie Minion

Kaiju Rally Party on Saturday Night

Come party with Kaiju Big Battel as they celebrate their 10th episode of Action Blast on G4TV. This Saturday, April 1st, the Kaiju crew will host a musical and visual blow out at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, MA. Joining various Kaiju personalities will be Japanese action comic punk superstars Peelander-Z (on the last night of their US Happee Mania Tour), Gelatine (bombshell fronted Japanese horror-core band from NYC), and Carlisle Sound (groovy Kinks cover set by members of Ponies in the Surf, Major Stars, and Pants Yell). In addition to the music, there will be a video installation showcasing all the new Kaiju Battels from G4TV's Action Blast, and some top-secret surprises. Most importantly, the Kaiju Commissioner will announce the date and location of the next live Kaiju Big Battel event... or you can check out the Kaiju Message Board, 'cause someone already spilt the beans.

Kaiju Rally Party
Carlisle Sound as The Kinks
Kaiju G4TV Video Installation
When: April 1st, doors at 9PM
Where: Middle East Club Upstairs, Cambridge, MA
Tix: 18+, $9

Potato Escapes Cube!

Dr. Cube held an impromptu press conference this week and announced that Silver Potato has escaped his secret detention center (#210) in Panama. The Kaiju Hero, who had been in Dr. Cube's custody for almost 2 years, reportedly made a midnight breakout after feigning a stomach virus. Surprisingly, Potato has not yet reported to the Kaiju Regulatory Commission. As a result, some Kaiju analysts speculate that Potato has retired from his position as the resident Heroic break dancing tuber in the Heroes' corner. Others say Potato is merely adjusting to his new found freedom and will surely address both the KRC and the general public in due time. Longtime Potato supporters are hopeful that the silver clad Hero will participate at the upcoming Kaiju Big Battel event.

Thanks to #1 Fan

Dr. Cube would like to thank Bryan and his parents for their generous gift of a truckload of Hawaiian coffee. Dr. Cube and his Minions will be hopped up on caffeine as they prepare for the upcoming Big Battel season. Thank you #1 Hawaiian!

Cube Claims Shrooma

Dr. Cube has ended weeks of speculation by stepping forward to claim Shrooma Tango as his latest monster creation. The mysterious mushroom monster popped up overnight in a remote outdoor pigpen in South West Wales last month. Apparently, Dr. Cube chose Farmer Bradley's outdoor pigpen as the breeding ground because he needed access to a massive amount of fertilizer without alerting the suspicion of the KRC. Kaiju analysts speculate that Dr. Cube is beefing up his army of giant city-crushing monsters in anticipation of next Kaiju Big Battel. In any event, Shrooma Tango will make his public debut at the Kaiju Rally Party this weekend.

Uchu Interview at Millionaire Playboy

Today, Millionaire Playboy released a meaty interview with Team Space Bug's Uchu Chu. Jager's thoughtful questions reveal a Space Bug that is ripe for revenge against Dr. Cube's Posse. Uchu also discusses his prison experience, the "betrayal" of Mota Naru, and the lack luster performance of the newest Space Bug, Dai Hachi Hachi. Read the Uchu interview and restore your faith in the menacing Team Space Bug!

Intern Call

Want to work side by side with the Kaiju Commissioner and gain valuable experience in the monster entertainment industry? Studio Kaiju is actively seeking interns for this spring and summer. Check out the jobs page for the low down.

Pre-Order the Shocking Truth DVD

Plantains Off Super Minion

Last Tuesday, the Plantain Twins' Day of Solidarity BBQ was crashed by a very anti-solidrity faction of Dr. Cube's Posse. Fortunately for the partying Plantains, Pedro, Pablo, and their countless cousins repelled the attack. Besides the roast pig, the only fatality of the fight was Super Minion #104 (the huge one with the Spike arms). Pablo delivered the fatal whack to the Super Minion with a red-hot flaming grill from the pig roast pit. Inside sources, report that Dr. Cube was upset by the death of one of his oldest Super Minions and said that he will personally teach the Heroes a lesson at the upcoming Big Battel.

Minion Militia March Set for Friday, March 31st

Cube's "Million Minion March" is going ahead as planned this coming Friday. As a sign of support for Dr. Cube's Posse, over a million Minions will assemble in front on the downtown KRC HQ on March 31st. The KRC has raised the "Danger Can Happen" alert level to the razzle-dazzle color scheme and has deployed RoBox, Slo Feng, Neo Teppen, and American Beetle to maintain security at the Pro-Cube gathering. KRC security agents are confident that the Heroes will be able to maintain order between the Pro-Cube forces and the Anti-Cube contingent that is expected to counter-protest the march.

Question of the Week

How cool is Slo Feng's map?

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